BioShock demo is fine on VISTA 32 , but i get an error in XP 64

When i click on the icon , i get this error :
This application has failed to start because d3dx9_33 was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. i have this error in MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE too

i dont get this error in VISTA 32 ,
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  1. so no one can help?
  2. Update your DX9
  3. why cant u just play?
  4. interesting , i began to install the DX which was with the Demo , but in the middle of installation i got this error

    An internal system occured
    Please refer to DXError.log and DirectX.log in your windows foler to determine problem .
  5. i downloaded the latest from microsoft and it said u have a newer version than this one and its ok now :D
    thanx again Emp
  6. can any one help my steam account keeps crashing when trying 2 connect
  7. why do u ruin my thread m8 ? make a new thread and ask
  8. thats strange i still get that error when i want to plau MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE , why ?
  9. Install C++ 2005 Runtimes, got the same error today when trying to play bioshock on my fresh XP installation.
  10. is it in here ? :

    i isnstalled it and its same again , well next i donwloaded Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, and it has 3 options, GRAPHICAL IDE , MICROSOFT MSDN 2005 EXPRESS EDITION , MICROSOFT SQL 2005 EXPRESS EDITION 64 , the frist one has a Tick , the other 2 dont have , i am going to tick the 64 edition too , lets see what will happen....
  11. well when the download was finished , i had something like this in program files :

    VISUAL C++ 2005 EXPRESS EDITION ---> MICROSOFT STUDIO TOOLS---> VISUAL STUDIO 2005 COMMAND PROMPT , and when i go to it , its a black page and it has something like this :


    there is another thing added too (in program files) :

    so what shall i do ?
  12. This is what you should download:

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
  13. thanx i downloaded it , but still the same , thats strange because i got the same error with bioshock but it was fixed but it doesnt work for MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE , maybe this game doesnt support 64bit afterall ?
  14. I used it in Vista 64... So I don't know.
  15. thats funny , in vista 32 when i click to install it nothing happens
  16. lol i can install marvel ultimate in vista 32 , but because i have installed it in xp64 and its in he hard disk , when i click on the icon it goes to the game (i used that c++ 2005 sp1 tough) thanx any way
  17. Upgrade your DX9 and reinstall your graphics drivers. I run XP 64 and that game and all other games (all newer titles) run great.
  18. it doenst let me to install DX9 , although my DX9 version is C
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