Sis 740 / Via KM266 based computer

Hi there,

I'm interseted in upgrading my old computer to a new budget one.

The main purpose of this computer is office work + net surf + little gaming.

I have thought about the following solutions:

Mobo inc VGA:

Sis 740 (PCchips / ECS)


Duron 1.3


256 DDR 266MHz

This is quite cheap and I think will do.

2 other options are using the VIA KM266 chip (like Gigabyte VKML) or going Intel (???) with the 845G and Celeron Socket 478 (1.7MHz and above) - which are much more expensive.

Are these options any good ?

shoud I buy Sis 735 + GeForce 2 MX 400 ? (it 100$ more i think)

Unfortunately, I could not find any info about the Sis 740 / KM266 mobos ... If anyone knows any' please inform me ...

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  1. You should buy a nForce board. If you are tight in budget, buy ASUS A7N266-VM (nForce 220-D based), $84 at newegg. If you can spend $128, then buy MSI K7N420 Pro (nForce 420-D based).

    If you buy any nForce 420-D based boards, then use 2 memory modules instead of one for best integrated graphics and system performance.

    I am currently using Duron 1 GHz + MSI K7N420 Pro + 1 x 128 MB Kingston PC2100 DDR Ram.

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