W7 takes up lots of space - or is it an SSD issue?

I have Windows 7 64-bit running on a OCZ Solid Series 30 Gb Solid State Drive. I seem to be struggling with disk space even though I didn't install any Gb-sized applications like recent games or 3d modelling programs. I have 4Gb of RAM so I'd like to have that space free for hibernation. I would like someone to explain this to me: Why is it that if I open "my computer" the C: drive appears as having 3.75 Gb free (from 30.0 Gb) but if I open the drive directory and select everything (windows files, programs, etc) and select "properties" what appears is "22.9 Gb, 23.1 Gb on disk" which should be leaving at least 6.9 Gb free?
note: I do have "show hidden folders and files" selected
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  1. hidden files?? pagefile, hiberfile, MFT..
  2. Typical page file would be about i.5 times the amount of system ram, so if you had 2gb of ram, your page file would be about 3gb which would account for your missing space.
  3. Space can also be consumed by files in the recycle bin or for system restore points (both of which you have no direct access to through the disk folder tree).

    For the recycle bin, right-click on it to see how much space is being used.

    For system restore points, see this article.
    30GB ~= 28GiB
    28GiB - 23.1GiB = 4.9GiB
    4.9GiB - 3.75GiB = 1.15 GiB "missing"

    no as bad as you thought
  5. i have this same issue. i have a corsair force 3 60GB ssd and there is 28GB missing... i have 16GB or ram.
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