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2 versions of Chrome on Windows 8

Last response: in Windows 8
October 11, 2012 10:48:38 PM

OK, so I'm running Windows 8 Pro. It's going well so far :)  but I have noticed a strange thing with Google Chrome. When Chrome is initially downloaded and opened, it gives you the option of signing in to sync your bookmarks and such with your google account. When I loaded Chrome up from the Metro area in Windows 8, I did this. But then when I loaded Chrome up from the desktop "app", I had to do it again. So, any passwords that I store in one version are not "shared" to the other.

Also, if I have 3 tabs open from the desktop version and then click on the Metro link, it opens a new instance, and no amount of clicking and dragging will unite the 2.

There are some other differences, too (like no minimize button in the Metro version).

It looks like they are effectively 2 different programs with the same name. Does this make any sense? Does anyone have any ideas on how to unite them?

This could be a function of the OS itself. It doesn't seem to want to choose Metro or desktop only (opening Word, for example, from the Metro screen just opens the desktop app and then Word within that). It's apparently impossible to live without Metro or desktop, you have to use both. A bit lame I think.
October 19, 2012 8:54:48 PM


It's the same thing with IE. They are different versions in Metro and the Desktop, and have slightly different tools. You can open two instances of IE, in the Metro and on the desktop.

I'm assumming Chrome does the same thing.
IE comes preinstalled, you can't change the behavior. Chrome you downloaded and installed, and depending on which you want to use, you probably can just uninstall the other version, like the Metro version.

Word can have a shortcut on the Metro, and placed on the desktop, but they take you to the same program! Except if you are using Office 365, then it's cloud based. Go figure!

Remember the phrase "A psychotic is someone who does the same thing and expects different results", well here you try to do the same thing, but do get different results. MS must have hired some designers with their right brain short circuited to their cerebellum to come up with illogical choices.