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Hi there,
I have just purchased a new PC, and one of the first games I went for was Supreme Commander, although I'm a bit confused when it comes to patching the game.
Most games I have seem to patch themselves, and automatically take care of downloading the next version, but SC doesn't seem to fit into that category.
Can anyone tell me what patch I should be upgrading to, and if I can just download and run the one (rather than having to download all and patch in order).
Also, where is the best place to get them from? The update button on the run menu is useless as it doesn't point me to any patches?!?
Many thanks
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  1. I used filefront, although beware it seems that the latest patch classes my hardware as "incompatible". So idk.

    My screen uses 1280x720 and i was hoping that I could get it patched, it only wroks at 1024/768 :(
  2. Supreme commander auto patches. Just connect to Gpgnet with the client that comes with the game that will get it upto date.
    Only thing you need to get yourself if you need it is the 2Gig memory work around.
  3. what does that do?
  4. Steals back some of your memory that the OS would normaly keep hold of for itself.
    If you use the game with big maps and a lot of players and/or a lot of AI opponents the game will sometimes later on in the game crash because of 2gig limit set to apps, ie when SP reaches this limit it just crashes. The patch lets it use more than the 2gig.
  5. You can download the patches on the forums too.

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  6. From where can you download the 2 gig workaround patch?
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