How come Windows XP doesnt support Halo @?

How doesnt XP support it i personaly have used vista and i think it is **** house XP man run slower but it more stable compared to vista, i think windows should consider makin it XP also as it would increase the sales and also most people dont have $1000 to waste on a operating system (Vista Ultimate) what are your views?

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  1. XP doesn't support DX10. Vista does which is why you get Halo on Vista only. I wouldn't be too worried. I've yet to see a decent Halo game.

    Having said that, google it a bit, I think there was a patch (official or possibly unofficial) that allows you to play Halo on XP.
  2. Halo 2 being DX10 only is wrong. I've played Halo 2 on XP just fine using cracks on my RETAIL COPY (to you who think I'm supporting piracy here). Its being Vista-only has nothing to do with the rendering technology and everything to do with marketing. It makes a weak attempt to access Windows Live, which IS Vista only, but that is just Halo 2 saying "Oh well, I can't access Windows Live. On with the Show.
  3. lol, the crack is mentioned in the wikipedia article (well it used to be - too lazy to check if it's still there).

    ORIGINAL HALO FTW LOL, RUNS ON MAC! (ok, so does the current one lol)
  4. I loved Halo 1, absolutely loved it, but halo 2.... I could barely bring myself to play through it I hope Halo 3 is back to halo 1 standards and the multiplayer beta did seem hopeful but I'm still concerned...
    and I hate M$ for the XP thing
  5. Halo 2 doesn't even have DX10, and the main (and probably true) reason of why Halo 2 doesn't work in XP is because it sucks too much to ever disgrace an XP platform officially by installing it.

    Halo is one of those things that should never have been made, and after made despite being a horrible game still manages to sell well.
  6. Based on what I've read a while ago, Halo 2 does not use DX10. It is simply a port of the Xbox Halo 2 with maybe a few more multiplayer maps. The graphics weren't even tweaked.

    Requiring DX10 to run Halo 2 is Microsoft's way of forcing people to upgrade to Windows Vista in order to play it. I don't own an Xbox, so I don't know if the game is good or not. I have a few friends who played H2 and they said the game wasn't very impressive and the ending left them hanging.
  7. dont get halo 2
    but Emp, when it came out on the xbox, halo 1 was an awesome game (there have been a lot of games that stole bits from it since and it doesn't seem so special anymore but..
  8. Halo 2 has the greatest online gameplay... not a bunch of gay 10 year olds. Campaign sucked it just sucked... Halo 3 is going to be good. The mp beta looked very promising but if they f up the campaign again they are going down! Anyways to the real answer... it's a marketing scheme big cheque from Mircosoft they need to get it through their minds that unless they patch up Vista no one will want it. Gears of War is propbably gonna be Vista only that will be cracked just like Halo 2. Works with consoles not with pcs Microsoft people... ANYTHING can be cracked on pc on consoles too just a bit harder. 2 Companies trying to promote this way Ageia with it's GRAW and GRAW2 drivers that don't do zip and Microsoft with their Vista only crap.
  9. To recap this overhyped game (including the MountainDew drink they made)

    Halo 1 - Pretty slick until you get to some tall tower level towards the end of the game following some blue glowing ball thing (can't recall exact details) - then you easily get lost and its the same enemies over and over and over - boring ...

    Halo 2 - I really tried to enjoy this one, but the controls seemed whack and the FPS were sluggish and the story ... oh I must of fallen asleep - This game really offers nothing that wasn't done in BF1942 at that point in time

    Halo 3 - who cares
  10. Halo 2...

    I might buy it once it hit's the $20 (or less) bargain bin. By then I should have upgraded to Vista.

    I liked Halo 1, it was pretty good even though most of the 2nd half of the game basically centered around the Flood. Would have been better if there were more 3-way battles.
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