Geforce 8800gt 256mb (Gigabyte Gamerhud OC edition)

Like the thread says I have a Gigabyte 8800gt 256mb graphics card for sale. Post offers or PM me. Would prefer you pay shipping but may pay myself if I get around the price I'm looking for.

Also questions are welcome... maybe I should add as long as they are constructive and on topic ;)
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  1. I just picked an XFX 8800gt 256, Call of Duty4 bundle from Tiger Direct for $99.99 after MIR, or I would make an offer.
  2. Thats cheap... not sure if that helps me sell mine or anything though ;). Theres gotta be some Brit. that wants to capitalize on the weak american dollar and buy my Card.
  3. Theres a bid of 100 by the way...
  4. Oh well, knowledge is power. My post was informational only, not intended to hurt or help. Best of luck on the sale.
  5. I understand... Still have that graphics card though... Anyone interested?
  6. sold, thanks guys
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