Looking for suggestions for a good gaming keyboard and mouse.

I just bought a new system and I need a keyboard and mouse update. I've had the same KB and mouse for like 7 years lol so I haven't shopped for any recently. I don't know where to look or whats the newest and good. Any suggestions? Only wireless keyboards and mice please I really can't stand anything wired. Thanks!
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  1. This one would do very nicely Click Here of course you can still do the usual and go for a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard if you are in to that thing but to be honest the model I just posted should do just fine for anything even gaming.
  2. I use that in work - Beautiful Mouse... fits perfectly in my hand - Never used it for gaming though apart from a bit of Doom 3... keyboard isn't the nicest Ive ever used - Unfortunately my small finger keeps hitting the zoom and volume controls... really annoying.

    The Logitech G15 is the daddy of gaming keyboards according to a good few people. The small screen is really handy for TS or whatever.

    Just ordered a nice Logitech wave for work though... Dunno how it would perform gaming but I'll be sure to let ya know...
  3. if you are going to spend that much money get these:



    i know they are wired but the keyboard has 2 usb peripheral ports on it so the mouse and pad can plug into it and if u already have a pad u like just don't buy this one but these 2 are great products
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