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Motherboard for p4 2.4ghz

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October 15, 2002 4:16:33 AM

Hello I was wondering what motherboard should I get for these pieces:

P4 2.4ghz 533 fsb
ati Radeon 9700 pro

I was thinking of going with the Asus p4s8x but I have heard that it is not that good. On the other hand it is Asus' only 8x agp motherboard, (or so I think) and since the video card that I am going to buy is 8x agp I thought it was a nice match.
I am just looking for something that will go very well with the parts that I am going to buy.

Also I was wondering what chipset is better the sis or the intel one. I really do not no what is better, or if one card varies so much from the other that I as a novice would notice.

Thank You

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October 15, 2002 9:39:38 AM

Well I have the Asus P4S8X and it is a good board... yet I can't say it has been a straight forward situation. I put the system together easily, and everything worked perfectly first go. Windows instalation and all games and software. Performance was good too !

But after a period of about a week problems started to arise, occasionally it would decide not to post :/  I have the system running completely stable atm and it has been for 3 weeks. Its not running at the most agressive memory settings and it seems tempramental at anything above. What is annoying is that if ever something is changed within the system often it results in a 10 minute mess with the BIOS trying to get it to boot again ! Although once successful the system is happy.

For the moment I would avoid this board unless you absolutely need one of the features it offers ! and as for 8x it isn't fully sorted out with this board either I have seen numerous people having many many issues trying to run at 8x AGP. I have heard great things about the Gigabyte board.


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October 15, 2002 2:03:45 PM

Albatron PX845PEV Pro motherboard ($95 at

-<A HREF="" target="_new">Great Reviews!!!</A>
-Integrated LAN and 6-Channel Audio
-Very good overclocking options (PCI/AGP lock, DRAM:CPU ratio pretty good and other excellent features)
-Although it doesn't officially support DDR400, has been shown to get corsair, twinmos and mushkin DDR400 modules up to DDR420+ levels!!!
-Support for future hythreading-enabled Pentium4 northwoods

Don't worry that it only supports up to 4x AGP as 8x AGP has shown no practical performance advantage over 4x AGP, only theoretical.

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October 15, 2002 10:33:19 PM

The only board I'd recommend with AGP8x is the Gigabyte 8SG667, it's the higher performance SDRAM board, the only one that runs stable with 3 DDR400 modules, the only one that runs 100% stable with 2 DDR400 modules, etc.

Having said that, you'll be upgrading your board before any video cards are released that actually USE the bandwidth of AGP8x productively.

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