Need help with 360 sound and monitor

Hey guys i am having some difficulty hooking up my 360 up to my monitor. I have a benq 24 inch fp241w. It has all the vga/HDTV inputs on it. I also have logitech z5500 speakers. But i cannot figure out how to hook my 360 to the monitor and get sound? I can play it on the monitor without sound, and looks awesome. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to do this. It does not make sense. I have no idea.
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  1. do i need an optical cable?
  2. get a sound to usb cable? idk i'm not familiar with set up
  3. You need an optical cable. It's usually called a TOSLink at any audio/video or mass chain electronics store.

    You connect it into the component cable near the base where it comes out of the 360.

    The other end goes into the optical-in to the Z5500.

    The monitor has nothing to do with the sound, as it has no speakers, or pass-through for audio.

    Good luck.
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