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Hi All,
I use a broadband connection 256Kbps. I am able to connect to steam (for Counter Strike) without any problem. When i connect to any server after 10 - 15 mins I receive a message saying Reliable Channel Overflowed and I am disconnected from the server. I retry connecting, it is successful and this message doesnt come up again ever till I restart my PC and steam followed by CS (1.6). My friend is on the same broadband and connects to the same servers which i connect to but has not faced this problem ever. I was told that if the MOTD is big in size this can happen, but why not in his case.

Any help is very much appreciated.
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  1. If you are getting Reliable Channel Overflow messages this suggests one of the following issues:

    Your internet connection or the server's internet connection is having problems.
    You have some P2P or similar program running on your system, sending email will also cause this.
    There are other computers on your local network using your internet connection.
    The server you are on has its network connection overloaded (too many players or it's sending email or something).
    You are running on a wireless connection.
    You have a Virus or Trojan or Internet Worm infection that is generating traffic.
    You are connected to the internet using an analog (56K) modem.
    You have your rate or cl_updaterate or cl_cmdrate settings too fast for your internet connection.
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