wii to crt or tft

first off i've searched and found this:

its a gd start but since there was only one reply and it doesn't really answer the question i thought i would continue it on (instead of bringing the thread back).

the question is how can i connect my Wii to a PC monitor with either a VGA or DVI connector? for the ps3 and xbox 360 this is easy since dvi is HDMI without sound, so there's lots of adaptors about. but there doesn't seem to be any wii to vga or dvi cables about anywhere. which seems crazy to me, but I'm sure there's a reason.

if i connect a cable to a cable will i lose quality? i found a scart to vga and since you get a scart adapter with the wii, that's a cheap option.

going more for the pricey side i also found this;
Gadmei TV-5821E XGA/VGA LCD TV BOX at amazon, but this its ~£30 +£7 postage.
this looks like the best thing but i don't want to spend that much on what should be such a simple thing. also it allows me to watch tv, and although i won't have an areal pluged in i'm sure the tv lience people will kick up a fuss if they see it at uni.

does any1 know of another ways?
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  1. since the wii doesnt support HDMI, you cant connect it using DVI. Having a DVI input on your monitor doesnt automaticly mean that the X360 or PS3 can get hooked up to it. It also depends on if the monitor supports anolog signal input. The TV box will convert the signal to something the monitor will understand.
    There are 2 options for you. One is to go with the TV box, though those you've selected dont support HD, and that really doesnt matter for you since nor can the wii.
    The second is to get a TV card for your PC. Of course on the flipside you cant use ur wii without the PC being turned on, and the TV licence people will still try to kick up a fuss. Though in my experince the TV licence People generally dont give a crap. Also another problem is that with the TV card it does depend on how fast your PC is. If it isnt powerful enough it wont be able to decode the information fast enough and it will become a slideshow. Though with a TV card you can record your gaming (if your so inclind to do so).
    try to get a TV box with component in if your going in that direction, Component has the best non digital output. far superor to Conposite or S-video. Also it is capible of HD to 1080i, where the others SCART included wont do HD.
  2. i was looking for a tv box with component but its not easy to find, and i'm guessing the price will just up!

    i was thinking of getting a tv card for home, but I've got a mac for uni so the card isn't possible for uni. i think i need to keep looking for some other tv box's...
  3. Just get a TV... unless you have a 25+ inch monitor, I can't imagine it being fun standing back using motion sensitive controls on it.
  4. the problem is i want to use the screen with my laptop as well, and the only tv i've got that i could use is huge, and i havn't got much room in halls!
  5. hi i got a Logik LOG19WH7 Exclusive 19" HD Ready LCD TV for my dad
    from curry £180 look nice as a tv and 4 my laptop as wall got vga , hdmi , scart and component
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