new D850GB front panel connectors???

I got a new D850GB mobo,look like FRONT PANEL conector spec have changed. According to INTEL , you use the J9D2 conenctor for POWER LED, RESET SWITH, POWER SWITCH , etc.
Hovewer my board don't have any J9D2 connector, I got a J9B1 conector near of the CR2032 battery but the pin out is diferent. I only found Power Swith + HDD LED, anyone had this type of board. model number (AA A60568-900)
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  1. I had something of the same problem. How I solved it you ask? I just tried random pins near/around where it should be and it finally worked.

    ...And all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put my computer back together again...
  2. Yep, i try it before, but can't found the RESET switch pins plus i got HD LED activity with two pairs of diferents pins.
    I don't want kill my new cheap mobo.
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