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Since a day or two I've been having some problems with some games and getting their ingame movies to show. When I start up Team Fortress 2 I don't see the Valve logo movie, I only hear the audio. However, if I alt+tab or winkey+tab I CAN see the video. The same goes for Undercover: Operation Wintersun.

I'm running Windows Vista 32-bit on:
8600M GT 512MB (156.57 mobile drivers. But the latest desktop drivers with modded inf have the same problem)

How can I solve this?
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  1. Okay, I tried some more drivers. Tried cleaning the drivers in safe mode and installing older ones I was sure worked. No luck with that either. Also tried converting the videos to xvid (still the same), updating ffdshow and some more crap. I intend to update the BIOS of my laptop later today, but I doubt that'll do much good.

    Anyone here have a solution? Really wanna get to playing Undercover.
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