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CRYSIS demo Delayed :(

Last response: in Video Games
September 22, 2007 10:40:02 AM

from ggmania

The Crysis demo has been officially delayed. Here is the announcement" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">the announcement (thanks Colin) by Cevat Yerli, President and CEO of Crytek:

First, I am sorry for the bad news - the Crysis single player demo will now be available everywhere on
October 26th, 2007. We are taking some extra time to make sure you that you have an amazing experience but also we did not want to risk the release date of Crysis at this stage. To get the game into your hands by November the 16th, we had to make this call.

Now the good news - the big surprise. The SP demo will be released with our CryEngine 2 - Sandbox 2 game editor, giving the community the opportunity to get familiar with the vast amount of tools they will have at their disposal four weeks before we ship, something we have always wanted to do.

This is an exciting time for us at the studio as the development of Crysis comes to an end and we are only a few weeks from Gold Master. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to getting Crysis into your hands on November 16th. Thanks, Cevat Yerli, CEO & Crytek


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September 22, 2007 12:56:58 PM

I just read that at tweakguides. Ugh that stinks. I want a polished demo, but was so looking forward to playing it this coming week.
September 22, 2007 1:47:26 PM

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September 25, 2007 11:59:00 AM

some new pics i believe and some Q & A
by Gaming Heaven

""""""Gaming Heaven: Performance, the main question every gamer has. What will be needed to run the game at playable framerates? How about playing with everything maxed? Will current rigs be able to run the game at 1920x1200 without making sacrifices? Do you recommend ATI or Nvidia and have you any performance figures for us for the Nvidia 8800 and ATi 2900?
Cevat: Everything maxed and at that resolution, you will need a seriously high rig of the latest generation available now.
kewl :)  man theres some serious detail there
September 25, 2007 1:31:41 PM

Yep, sucks, but good, for me anyway, don't have a video card worthy of it yet lol
September 27, 2007 12:38:07 AM

Delayed!??!! :fou:  Now what am I going to use this shiny new DX10 8800 for?? (BioShock?)

Man I can't wait for this game! FarCry was awesome, Crysis looks even better. Got it pre-ordered from Amazon.....
September 27, 2007 1:04:03 AM

yep i agree with stemnin, really wanted play it this week but i still have my crappy ati x1650, this can be used to my advatage :p 
September 29, 2007 11:38:04 AM

Well i see a video interview with crytek and they was saying they have a number of Nvidia engineers constantly at there place helping with the game so i'm guessing it may well be better with ne of their cards.
Also mentions some stuff about optimizations for quadcores etc
Vid was at
October 9, 2007 10:17:09 AM

Crysis - Visuals and Vista Compatibility Interview - interview
Oct,08 2007 -GameTrailers learned about the visual storytelling in Crysis, and how the team worked with Microsoft to fully take advantage of what of Vista offers:
October 17, 2007 3:25:37 PM

9 more days!!!!
October 17, 2007 5:27:37 PM

YES, and I have a card that is "build for speed on the minimum settings" 8800GTS 320 lol.
October 18, 2007 2:00:42 AM

9 more days...arrrgh!
October 18, 2007 10:45:33 PM

8 days...
October 19, 2007 9:48:17 PM

October 21, 2007 1:04:37 AM

October 23, 2007 6:46:47 AM

not updating the post now lakedude :p 

Only 3 days now :) 
October 23, 2007 6:56:58 AM

i can't wait to see how my computer functions on this game. It did horrible on UT3. The graphics looked so outdated because of my machine, lol. I would imagine it would do the same thing to crysis. :-(
October 23, 2007 11:35:36 PM

w1ngzer0 said:
i can't wait to see how my computer functions on this game. It did horrible on UT3. The graphics looked so outdated because of my machine, lol. I would imagine it would do the same thing to crysis. :-(
I tried to check out your hardware under "hardware config" but your system is not listed. What are you running these days? Can you afford to upgrade? Even one part (like the video card)?

I looked at those DX10 screenshots and I'm really not that impressed (over DX9). Yeah DX10 looks more "real" but sometimes the DX9 paths looked "better" in that the sky was more blue and stuff isn't washed out by the sun (HDR). Either way the game looks awesome. I think anyone with a good DX9 card will be fine.

oh yeah and:


Sorry, about the countdown, got busy this weekend downloading all the new Valve/Steam/BlackBox games.
October 24, 2007 10:32:00 PM

Only a pair of days to wait....
October 25, 2007 3:55:51 AM

O god, I just saw this title and thought it was delayed again.
October 25, 2007 7:58:01 PM

i can't wait to see how my computer functions on this game. It did horrible on UT3. The graphics looked so outdated because of my machine, lol. I would imagine it would do the same thing to crysis. :-(

What are your system specs?

October 25, 2007 11:55:33 PM

Tomorrow is the big day (we hope)!
October 26, 2007 2:21:15 PM


Crysis Demo Pushed Back To Saturday
Crysis Day on October 26th – Community Note
from ggmania

It looks like there have been some issues with people who have pre-ordered the upcoming Crytek first person shooter Crysis via download from the EA Store. To be more exact, people are unable to download the promised demo, let alone install and play. Fan site InCrysis has word from EA that the demo has been pushed back: "The demo is going to be released officially on Friday, October 26th at 1:00PM (GMT+1). It will be exclusively available for those who pre-ordered Crysis for about 24hours via the EA downloader. On Saturday, October 27th at 1:00PM the demo will be put online for download an all public sites, so keep tracking your favourite fan site." The note also hints at another surprise coming for the demo besides the addition of the Sandbox level editor.

October 26, 2007 2:24:33 PM

Lame ##& pre-order "wait in line" stuff. I hate you EA! (Still want to try Crysis though :D )
October 26, 2007 6:10:25 PM

Crysis Demo will be public for other users tomorrow (October 27th) at 12:00 UTC/GMT
October 27, 2007 12:19:16 PM

was open for any users before that in the end
October 27, 2007 12:53:33 PM

are we there yet :) 

doh! 1.77gigs
October 27, 2007 7:11:51 PM

WELL after playing the demo i was impressed. Sounds where ok, Graphics were good and i played @ 1920x1200 at max settings (20fps) seemed smooth to me. @ 1280x1024 i was getting 40-45fps.
Reminded me of a updated far cry
looks like a winner to me :)