anyone can help i need good motherboard for P4

I hawe this configuration:
procesor: P4 2.0 Mhz
Motherboard: gigabyte P4 titan GA-8IRX
RAM: DDR 512
GC: nVidia GF 2 MX400
Hard disk: matrox 40 gb 7200
cd/rw Lg 8x
Lg Monitor 19 Flat

and i need some info about this configuration
anyone can tell me what is best Motherboard for this
configuration, or somthing els...

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  1. GA-8IRX is quite outdated now as it only supports 400MHz FSB and DDR266 RAM. You might consider the latest GA-8PE667 instead.
  2. ATI 7500 is a better value than the GF 2 MX 400 and it cost about the same price. If ya don't need onboard RAID for your motherboard, the Albatron PX845PEV Pro ($95 at is just the best P4 motherboard. It includes quality LAN and audio, and great overclocking features. Pick the P4 1.8A ($141 at instead of the P4 2.0. Takes about 30 seconds to overclock (strictly through the motherboards bios, increase FSB from 100MHz to 133MHz, nothing difficult) a 1.8A to 2.4GHz. Pair it with a 512MB Kingston PC2700 Memory module ($138 at and you're all set.

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