i845PE vs SiS648

While the new i845PE boards are the hot item with most reviewers, IMHO the only reason to consider an i845PE board over a SiS648 board is if you are planning to upgrade to the new class of P4s with enhanced hyperthreading (starting with the 3.06). Otherwise, I believe that a well-designed SiS648 board (that eliminates the Asus P4S8X) is the way to go for P4 w/DDR.

The Gigabyte GA-8SG667 has proved itself to be the very best performer of the P4-DDR class of boards. But this board had a shortcoming in that it did not support hardware monitoring or voltage changes (Version 1.0 of this board has an ITE IT8700 Super I/O chip which does NOT support hardware monitoring or voltage changes and no BIOS upgrade can remedy that)!

Well, Gigabyte just remedied that with <b>Version 2</b>, which has an ITE IT8705 Super I/O chip that does support hardware monitoring and voltage changes! :tongue:
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  1. IntelConvert~ I really appreciated that tip on Rev 2 of the GA-8SG667! I've been reading lots of favorable user commentaries about the board, with the only reservation being the BIOS limitations, so your heads-up was a real bonus!

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  2. IT7 MAX is by far the best DDR board available. The P4PE might perform better with a 3.06 HT chip installed.

    Here is a Sandra with the <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/452bios.jpg" target="_new">DDR @ 452Mhz</A> on my P4PE. This is poor bandwidth for the FSB it is running at.

    I would not consider the GA-8SG66, let alone call it the very best performer. IT7 will wipe the floor with it.

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  3. It's garbage to me, might as well be a Micro ATX board. It has only 4 PCI slots, only 3 of which are usefull for four of my cards. Also, I'm not about to buy a LS120 drive just so I can make BIOS update disk for the systems I service. Not when I have a drawer full of 30 free floppy drives. And I like my keyboard and mouse as well, it would cost me over $100 to replace these parts with parts that are compatable with that board. And to what end, convenience? Not likely!

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  4. IT7 is hands down the strongest DDR board, we are not discussing your budget as a factor in terms of performance.

    NFC why you are of in left field with a LS120 drive and a large tube of lube... Floppies work fine you got some bad info.

    Mice usually have a USB connector and a PS2 adapter, bummer a keyboard is not in your budget (see above) when it comes to getting the highest possible performing DDR mobo. Did you ask the car dealer to put your old tires on the new car to save a few bucks when you purchased your yugo?

    4 PCI slots are more than enough with 6.1 digital optical onboard sound, lan, firewire, 4channel RIAD controller, MediaXP, and USB2.

    Unlike you I speak from experiance, I have run the above chipsets. "and to what end" highest possible performance in DDR, unmatched stability at high speeds, high yield of top notch boards (rare to impossible to get a bad one), and legacy free.

    As you know I maintain a first page Madonion benchmark score, and have held it for a year now. I was the first IT7 MAX on page one and now the IT7 is dominating the first page on the ORB.

    So I guess the <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/355.jpg" target="_new">best performance</A> is garbage in your book. Good to know you are passing out sound advice.

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  5. I'd like to see any comparisons to the latest boards which still place the IT7 on top, thanks.

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  6. I agree with what you wrote, about the Abit IT7:

    « It's garbage to me, .... And I like my keyboard and mouse as well, .... And to what end, convenience? Not likely! »

    According to Tomshardware's "The New E-class - Pentium 4 Motherboards with the Intel 845E Chipset and 133 MHz FSB" (http://www.tomshardware.com/mainboard/02q3/020708/index.html), The Abit IT7 mainboard (see Abit's overview: http://www.abit.com.tw/abitweb/webjsp/english/pt_main_back.jsp?pPRODUCT_TYPE=MotherBoard&pMODEL_NAME=IT7) is « the first motherboard in [Tomshardware's] lab to lack PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse as well as serial and parallel ports » (http://www.tomshardware.com/mainboard/02q3/020708/i845e-02.html#abit_it7_long_live_progress).

    This is a huge drawback for now. When anything goes wrong in a PC, you may have no other workaround than tweaking in DOS or even in the BIOS. But, most often, DOS and BIOS don't handle properly USB, so your last resort in emergency cases remains, for now, a good old PS/2 keyboard. If your mobo (motherboard) doesn't handle PS/2, you are in the cold.

    Of course one can say, but if the mobo itself lacks PS/2, this isn't a problem since that mobo will take care of USB. Yes, but what if USB fails? and Abit, as great as this company is, is known better for bleeding edge products than for mainstream or most reliable products. So, if you want to bleed, OK; but if you want reliability, don't take IT7!

    I guess I am not the only one to think this way since Abit has now gone back to keep PS/2 in its newer mobos.

    Michel Merlin (michel-merlin@wanadoo.fr)
    Paris (France), Sat 19 Oct 2002 09:47:55 +0200
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  7. "DOS and BIOS don't handle properly USB" - WTF you been smoking??

    Talk about chickenshit, USB is fine and there is no reason to hide in fear from it. PS2 is not needed at all and BIOS and DOS work with USB just fine.

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  8. Crashman, you will not find benchamrks in my range with that lame ass gigabyte board.

    You know I run the best hardware possible, why do you even argue other than to be a troll. I posted benchmarks above that no gigabyte board can touch and that was using the P4PE, bring a gigabyte board even close and I will bitch slap it back to the 80's with brutal IT7 scores.

    3.55Ghz... what you got?

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  9. Wow! I completely agree with fugger. I've tried the IT7 board. It's an excellent. Yes, it still works with regular floppy drives. Yes, you need a USB mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't cost $100 to get a good mouse/keyboard combo. In fact, I recently bought the absolutely magnificent Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical. I know what you're thinking...and no, they don't suck for games. In fact, they're as responsive as my old MS TrackBall Optical. I'm used to playing with trackballs, but I adjusted to this mouse very quickly. Anyway, the Keyboard/mouse combo only cost me $118CDN which is about $78US. A wired combo would cost even less. Moving on, USB devices work PERFECTLY in DOS because the BIOS handles the USB interface. The keyboard and mouse will appear to DOS as PS/2 devices. Also, the motherboard already includes good onboard LAN and Firewire and USB2 and RAID, so even if you're a true hardcore gamer that wants a separate sound card and SCSI and a TV Tuner, you'll have room for that.

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  10. OH! I knew I forgot something, better add $30 to this convienience for a USB to serial port device adapter so I can get the pics of my 2 year old digital camera, which I'm NOT ready to replace.

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  11. Im sure you are in need of a few ISA ports too and miss the VESA LB real bad.

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  12. At least if they added a couple ISA slots the board would have more slots. I DO have a 10/100 ISA card sitting around I could use instead of a PCI card for my second network connection. But I'd rather have another PCI slot, thanks.

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  13. The IT7 has built in 10/100.

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  14. « "DOS and BIOS don't handle properly USB" - WTF you been smoking?? »

    If you want to be taken seriously, you should at least learn to quote in context and with intent to honestly represent what has been said ("most often, DOS and BIOS don't handle properly USB" - *this* could be discussed, *not anything of what you actually wrote*), and refrain from using such misrepresentations as (your only) base to insult people whom you don't know.

    Making a fool of yourself only achieves one thing: people will take you (right or wrong) for one more young little inexpereinced and uneducated persons whose only competence is to push their score in the number of messages posted on this or that board. I hope you are better than this and I am looking forward for this.

    Paris, Sun 20 Oct 2002 20:23:50 +0200
  15. IT7 sounds interesting, who makes it
  16. Yeh, I use two cards, one for the internet (from my PC to a gateway) and one for my local intranet (from my PC to another PC).

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  17. Abit IT7 MAX or MAX2

    Both are great boards the MAX2 has Serial ATA

    Both are extreamly stable at high speeds and can break DDR500 speeds with good DDR ram.

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  18. Pull up a chair and read up on the infamous FUGGER!

    To most, making a fool of myself comes naturally. I work hard to maintain this image. Thanks for noticing.

    I post links to my statements, and I will be the first to slap fingers when needed. I am not one who cares about post count.

    Ill let this reply to me slide, you are still a stranger.

    PS, I do know how to "quote". I was condensendingly repeating what he said with a touch of flare as he was clueless to what he was posting just to make a arguement or possibly out of lack of knowledge on the subject.

    I actually use the above motherboards, you do the math.

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  19. If you were into running memory beyond PC1066 with far less latency, both the IT7 and the P4PE are more than capable as you can see in the link on page one of this thread.

    I test all P4 platforms constantly, my home PC is rotated almost once a month now. At work daily. I pick the best of the best. I will not tolerate inferior products and they get kicked to the curb fast. I wish SiS and VIA made better chipsets but they cannot compete against Intel for what expect to get from them.

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  20. ah so the MAX2 can run ddr400+ easily? I was going to buy the GA-8PE667 and corsair xms 3500 ddr. Thanks for any more info.
  21. very easy, let alone you will see more of the theoretical bandwidth available and that is key. The P4PE failed at delivering all the bandwidth in the sandra bench. 34xx /5600 when it should have been 37xx+ /5600 (actual / max)

    The IT7 Delivers, The ORB on madonion.com is almost completely dominated by IT7's at the top now. and the only other mobo's that are close are RDR based motherboards on LN2.

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  22. great sounds good to me
  23. Ok now the IT7 costs about $176.00 US. The GA-8SG667 costs about $96.00 US. You are comparing apples to oranges. Well lets see here almost double the price, this ABIT IT7 better be the best MOBO for DDR400. Not everybody has the cash laying around for a $176.00 MOBO. Just my 2 cents, for the PRICE and PERFORMANCE the GA-8SG667 is an all around better board than the IT7 hands down.....
  24. thats cause the 8sg667 has nothing on it to cost that much. Its missing quit a bit of features. Now look at gigabytes p4pe board and that has quit a few features and it costs $150+. So its not suprising the it7 costs WAY more.
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