Most _reliable stable_ AMD board

I have searched posts here , but want to know the MOST _reliable stable_ MOBO for AMD XP CPU , or do i need to go to intel for that

running Win 2000 , for data analysis ,graphics and photo editing

I prefer not to go to Intel , any recommendations please ?

I heard ECS K7S5A have problems , as do a few others , my previous A7V 133 was a headache from hell.....
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  1. mobos are like power supplies. If you pay a little and it works you win, but if you pay more you stand a better chance of it working but with no guarantees, and overall its a crap shoot.

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  2. I have the ASUS A7v333 and haven't had any problems
  3. ECS used cheap power filters, so it crashed when used with poor quality power supplies or poor quality memory. And the rate of defects was fairly high. I suggest the MSI 745 Ultra.

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  4. If you are willing to spend some money go for the somewhat higher quality boards. I have the Soltek SL75DRV5 and am very pleased with it's performance.

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  5. Recomendation.......either ASUS A7S333 based on the SiS745 Chipset or MSI745 Ultra also based on the same chipset....or u can wait aroung to see how the nForce2 fares up.....

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  6. nForce boards are most stable Athlon boards now.

    ASUS A7N266-VM (nForce 220-D) : If you don't need integrated graphics and can live with 3 pci and 2 memory banks. Integrated graphics of this mobo is GF2 MX200 class. Since nForce 220-D has no dual channel memory controller, it will hurt performance quite badly if you use integrated graphics. $73 at Newegg

    MSI K7N415 Pro or ASUS A7N266-C (nForce 415-D) : Integrated graphics free and with 5 pci and 3 memory banks. Has dual channel memory controller, but it doesn't have any impact in performance. both are $100 at newegg

    MSI K7N420 Pro (nForce 420-D) : With integrated graphics and dual channel memory controller. Worths the extra money if you use it's integrated GF2 MX. If you use integrated graphics, you have to consider some performance. I am personally using this mobo.

    Among KT333 mobos, MSI KT3 Ultra (and Ultra2) is most stable. Good performer and inexpensive. $82

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  7. I agree that the Asus A7N266-VM is a good, reliable board...granted it isn't for everyone. All together I've found that Nforce boards are very good quality. I was very impressed with a Shuttle motherboard (AK31) KT266A that I used for quite awhile... in 6 months I never had it crash once, I don't recall even touching the reset button in that time. I used the shuttle board with an Enermax Power supply that was NOT approved by shuttle, but I had no issues whatsoever. WinXP also played a major role in the system being stable. I used Crucial memory too, but I've also had good luck with Dane-Elec, Corsair, Samsung, Kingston and Smart Modular.

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  8. Since this guy hates Windows, nForce boards are better for him than any other boards. Nvidia has great drivers for Linux.

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  9. Sice this guy hates windows, nForce boards are better for him than other boards. Nvidia has great Linux drivers.

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  10. I just got an ASUS A7v333 last week, and it's been good so far. It's gone through a few revs (mine is rev 1.04), and it's gone through a number of BIOS updates, so it's probably more stable than some of the newer boards. The CPU overheat protection is definitely a good thing too, especially if you're an idiot like me who mounts his heatsink wrong the first time.
  11. As most posters in this thread, I recommend the A7V333, I'm using that board myself and my system is fully stable even if i'm running my Duron Morgan 1GHz @ 166MHz x 6 undervolted to 1.375V using Samsung PC2100 memory. That's what I call stable operation under extreme conditions.

    BTW most stability issues are too often linked to flawed installation of drivers and junkware by the end user that then blame hardware for his/her misunderstanding of software and OS management.

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