Play Halo 3 Early, Get Banned

Seems a little unreasonable since the gamers aren't the ones guilty of doing anything wrong.
£40 for xbox live to play games online on players xbox360, (i pay £25 a month 4 broadband) microsoft got no server for games to play on live. my xbox is the server.
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  1. Call Microsoft up and tell them you are not the one at fault and if you are good enough at putting your point across they will have not choice but to give you your money back. Remember the support desk is not allowed to hang up on you, they need to listen to you till you are done. Just keep talking and telling them how outraged you are at them doing this. Claim that you where not to know that the game had not been officially released yet, the shop sold you it and you played it that’s all.

    Also a good one to use is threaten to take the case to the consumers watch dog (if you are in the UK) if they are not budging. I have used this one many times and it does work as big company’s don’t want the consumers watch dog knowing anything.

    Good luck

    Oh and if you have done something that you are not telling us for that ban then I guess it’s hard luck.
  2. Quote:
    Months before the release of Halo 3, the game's final testing copy before its gold release (codenamed Epsilon and confirmed by Bungie to be 99.9% complete)[37] was leaked to the Internet. Microsoft reacted to this leak by having the Xbox Live accounts of gamers caught playing the Epsilon copy banned until the year 9999.

    So, just do like Fry in Futurama.
  3. Oh so it's the hookie copy that gets you banned... well that was a waste of my time typing all that guff.
  4. yup, twas :P
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