Best upcoming PC Games!! Post.

So, it just dawned on me that there are a ton of freaking sweet games coming out, besides Halo 3. I am not even sure if I will play Halo 3 anytime soon, as I now have converted to the awesomeness of computer games. So here is my list, of what I think are the best upcoming games are.

Bioshock (Loved System Shock 2)
Crysis (Duh)
Far Cry 2
Quake Wars (Which I just won a free copy off of GameShadow. Could be good)
A new Battlefield coming out soon?
Call of Duty 4?

Another question, how do you think my 1650 Radeon 512 ddr2 will play these games? Should I want to get a 8800 when prices go down, if they do...but I might bottleneck. What the f*** is bottleneck anyways??

Oh, did I mention Unreal 2007?
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  1. Hellgate: London

    Bottleneck means the rest of your system is fine for playing the game but the only thing holding it back is your video card.

    I would recommend getting an 8800 320 or 640 if/when prices drop if you can afford it.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  2. UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 (sadly it ain't called ut2007).

    ..ran out


    ...wait I got something...


    Team Fortress 2
    HL2: Episode 2
    (And I think you get HL2 LOL, as if I need another copy..)

    I have an x1650 and it SUCKS (not that bad)! Core 2 Quad rig, gonna get an 8800 in 2 weeks (not in a hurry, since crysis demo is gonna be another month+) It runs Supcom and BF2/2142 better than my old comp, but C&C3 seems to run slower, i'll haft to play some more. Guild Wars hasn't changed (other than faster loading a little). Upgraded from a P4 w/ 7800GS AGP. I'm also using Vista, might get XP if Crysis sucks in DX10. But my games are all much smoother, with a slight framerate increase, it's the video card, bottlenecking.
  3. underbyte18 said:

    Another question, how do you think my 1650 Radeon 512 ddr2 will play these games? Should I want to get a 8800 when prices go down, if they do...but I might bottleneck. What the f*** is bottleneck anyways??

    a bottleneck is where one part of your computer (not neccesarily the video card) is holding back the rest (so an 8800 ultra with a P4 just wouldn't be worth it)
    and your 1650 will be starting to get to very low graphics in the near future to maintain decent FPS and whats the rest of your system? if its agp, an 8800 wouldn't work and if its single core CPU it wouldn't warrant an 8800 gtx
  4. Well, **** son. My computer has an Amd X2 5000+ 2.6ghz, 550w Logisys Power Supply, 2x512 800 DDR2 Wintec AmpX ram, and my video card listed above. Thats all the important stuff. How do you think crysis would play if I upgraded to an 8800 320? I might also get another 2x512 ram...
  5. well, the 1650 should get a playable framerate (I'm speaking from what we speculate here) but crytek did reccomend that one of the first upgrades to get for Crysis would be a second gig of ram since the maps are huge on crysis. Oh and an 8800 320 would beat the crap out of an x1650 any day by a HUGE margin
  6. Yea the quake wars demo is great, runs on about anything too. Also looking forward to orange box, crysis, Cod4. Ill probably buy one or two of em. I wish they started selling games with 2x cd keys so my bro and I could split the price and play at the same time :D
  7. I also got x1650 512MB on a system of E6600 and 2GB ram, it runs pretty much all the games out right now, apart from quake wars (does run on low though) and World in Conflict looks great on my current card.

    purchase a card near november because the 9 series is out so all the 8 series should drop price dramatically (i hope).

    Oh and the Crysis beta sucks on all cards even 8800 GTX, x1650 should handle the game just fine on low/medium spec.
  8. I've played Crysis Beta on my 8800GTS 320MB just fine. Completely smooth, did not suck at all. In fact, it looked and played great. I would check where you get your info from, because you've been misinformed.
  9. I also loved Crysis Beta on my 8800 GTS. I have a 8800 GTX coming in today actually, so I expect changes :D
  10. Wow. I looked at the benchmark for the 1650 pro, and I can double-triple my performance with the 8800! Omg. Yeah, I also played Quake Wars on my current card (1650pro) and I can play on medium settings-high. So yeah. Zania, get your system up to par with what it can do.

    So Nov the 9 series comes out? I am hoping the 8800's will drop to at least 200. At least.
  11. I haven't seen anything that says it's a 9 series, if it is, it will drop prices, but if it's a midrange (8700), it'll keep prices the same :\ and hopefully not up.
  12. I'd assume nvidia will release a 8900 series like they did with the 7900 last time .... cause ati still is a long way behind, and probably doesn't at this point threaten nvidia enough to rush out another chip. Takes a couple years to develop one after all.

    Anyhow, don't get a 8800gts first ... it'll be great no doubt, but with only 1gb memory I'd very much recommend you to get a box of 2x1gb modules - they're relatively cheap. Unless you oc, you can make do with the cheap kingston value ram or whatever pc2-6400 are on discount. Graphics are irrelevant if you don't have the memory to load a map.
  13. For $75 you can get 2GB (2x1GB) of ram. IMO it is a no brainer.
  14. Basicl I built and bought a PC only cause Crysis is comming out in a month or two. So its the only game that I am waiting like hell.
    I have to mention that Spore looks really pormissing game and something totaly new that I never seen so far.
  15. It's odd that no one ever mentions Assassin's Creed on these forums. :ange: From the viewpoint of game physics and graphics, Assasin's Creed could turn out to be the second most amazing game for PC after Crysis during the next six months. After watching trailers and screenshots of different games I've narrowed my anticipation to Crysis, Alan Wake and Assassin's Creed for now. :pt1cable:
  16. What about Spore?? Has it been put through beta testing yet?? That's the only one I'm waiting for. Apart from Crysis..
  17. Spore has been delayed several times already. It should be an interesting game too if the final version contains all the features that were presented in the demos and trailers.
  18. I get less excited about spore as time goes on, I don't really know why, but maybe its just the novelty wearing off? (or impatience on my part :lol:)
  19. Yeah, Spore sounded good at first but I have a strong inkling it'll be Black & White all over again...
  20. There is a very long video somewhere on the Internet in which one of the developers of Spore shows many of the game's features. Spore should be quite a unique game if the developers didn't make any great changes to it during this year.

    I forgot to mention that I am also keeping eye on the development of new games based on "Aliens". In December 2006 Sega signed contracts with Obsidian Entertainment and Gearbox Software on "Aliens" franchise. Obsidian Entertainment is working on a PC role-playing game and Gearbox Software on a console first person shooter game set in the "Alien" universe. Unfortunately, after the initial announcement there has been little news on the development of these games.
  21. Brain Spa Classics/Puzzles 09/25/2007
    Strategic Command 2: Weapons and Warfare Strategy 09/25/2007
    LEFT BEHIND II: Tribulation Forces Strategy 09/28/2007
    SunAge Strategy Gone Gold
    AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage Role-Playing 10/01/2007
    Ghost in the Sheet Adventure 10/02/2007
    Spider-man: Friend or Foe Action 10/02/2007
    World of Warcraft Battlechest Adventure 10/02/2007
    Tabula Rasa Limited Collector’s Edition Role-Playing 10/02/2007
    Scrabble 2007 New Edition Classics/Puzzles 10/05/2007
    Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Adventure 10/08/2007
    The Chosen: Well of Souls Action Gone Gold
    ArmA: Queen's Gambit Simulation 10/08/2007
    The Orange Box Action 10/09/2007
    Sega Rally Revo Sports 10/09/2007
    FIFA 08 Sports 10/09/2007
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer Role-Playing 10/09/2007
    Fury Role-Playing 10/09/2007
    RACE 07: The WTCC Game Sports Gone Gold
    American Civil War: 1861 to1865 Strategy 10/12/2007
    Overclocked Adventure 10/12/2007
    Painkiller: Overdose Action 10/15/2007
    The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure Adventure 10/15/2007
    Command & Conquer Saga Strategy 10/15/2007
    Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun Simulation 10/15/2007
    Albatross18 Season 3 Role-Playing 10/15/2007
    Dawn of Magic Role-Playing 10/16/2007
    Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals Simulation Gone Gold
    Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction Action 10/16/2007
    Death to Spies Action Gone Gold
    You Are Empty Action 10/16/2007
    Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East Role-Playing 10/16/2007
    Tabula Rasa Role-Playing 10/16/2007
    Thrillville: Off the Rails Simulation 10/16/2007
    King of Clubs Simulation 10/19/2007
    NBA Live 08 Sports 10/19/2007
    Panzer Killer Action 10/23/2007
    Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Simulation Gone Gold
    Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Action 10/23/2007
    Backyard Football '08 Sports 10/23/2007
    Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Simulation Gone Gold
    Culpa Innata Adventure 10/23/2007
    Age of Empires III Gold Edition Strategy 10/23/2007
    Clive Barker's Jericho Action 10/23/2007
    Escape from Paradise City Action 10/24/2007
    My Horse and Me Simulation 10/26/2007
    Alan Hansen’s Sports Challenge Classics/Puzzles 10/26/2007
    Cheggers Party Quiz Classics/Puzzles 10/26/2007
    Bee Movie Game Action 10/30/2007
    Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder Adventure 10/30/2007
    The Office Adventure 10/30/2007
    Universe at War: Earth Assault Strategy 10/30/2007
    TimeShift Action 10/30/2007
    The Witcher Role-Playing 10/30/2007
    Need for Speed Pro Street Collector's Edition Sports 10/30/2007
    Hellgate London Collector's Edition Action 10/30/2007
    Need for Speed ProStreet Sports 10/31/2007
    Hellgate: London Role-Playing 10/31/2007
    Universal Combat Collectors Edition Strategy 10/31/2007
    Happy Tree Friends False Alarm Classics/Puzzles Fall 2007
    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Action Fall 2007
    Battlestar Galactica Action Fall 2007
    Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals Simulation Fall 2007
    Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Simulation 11/01/2007
    Lassie Action Fall 2007
    Half-Life 2: Episode Two: The Black Box Action Fall 2007
    Field Ops Action 11/01/2007
    BCFx Sports 11/01/2007
    The Divine Action Fall 2007
    Insecticide Adventure Fall 2007
    Age of Armor Action Fall 2007
    Galactic Command Echo Squad Action Gone Gold
    Sam & Max: Season 2 Adventure Fall 2007
    EA Sports GameShow Sports Fall 2007
    MotoGP 07 Action Fall 2007
    Earth Eternal Role-Playing Fall 2007
    Rise & Ruin Role-Playing Fall 2007
    So Blonde Adventure 11/01/2007
    Empire Earth III Strategy 11/01/2007
    Power Rangers Super Legends Action Fall 2007
    Shadowgrounds Survivor Action Fall 2007
    Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy Adventure Fall 2007
    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Simulation Fall 2007
    Crusader Kings: Deus Vult Simulation 11/01/2007
    Jewel Craft Simulation Fall 2007
    Pirates of the Caribbean Online Role-Playing Fall 2007
    FIFA MANAGER 08 Sports 11/02/2007

    did i miss any :)

    Ok, it's an expansion..
  23. The assassins creed thing sounds interesting, like in a prince of Persia or thief sort of way, but I haven't seen any gameplay.

    That list tells me, that there are more games coming out than I have time to play. And that's not even counting the Japan only releases. This tells me that every second playing a mediocre game, is a second not playing a good or great game.
  24. ***********spuddyt *** spuddyt **********

    No Assassin's Creed Demo i just read
  25. I'm looking forward to:

    Crysis (natch)
    FC 2
    HL2 ep 2
    Clive Barker's Jericho (thought Undying rocked)

    Actually, I'm also really praying that Mafia II will be as good as the original, which was, IMHO, a super-sweet gaming experience. Not sure about the 1950s setting though...

    BTW, I just built an entirely new rig for $850 (Newegg minus rebates) with the following specs, so its do-able:

    QCDuo E6750 - too cheap to pass up.
    Asus P5K - solid OC'er
    2 gig DDR2 800 low-latency ram - cheap
    Geforce 8800 GTS 320 - PNY no-thrills package
    Seagate Barracude 250GB - fast, fast, fast and quiet.
    Thermaltake 500W power supply - super-quiet
    Coolermaster case - looks good - nice layout - quiet fans.

    I transferred over my Audigy sound card and am using that instead of the onboard, although there probably is not too much of a difference. I also am using my slightly older external optical drive (firewired and fast) in place of an internal optical drive (which you can get cheap). So, if you are willing to recycle more bits (case, for example, or HD) you can get it done even cheaper and you have a system ready to roll for the faster clock-speed quad cores when they finally get affordable.

    Performance is outrageously superior to my old clunker (AMD 3000+ etc, etc.) in all ways - desktop, file management, games, etc. And so much more quiet...

    Oh, and I ran into no glitches with this build - it fired up right off the bench.
  26. good for you (this isn't sarcasm, I was just being nice, in a stupid sounding way)
  27. Wasn't trying to brag - the system is by no means a ninja. It's just that I had to spend a while going through various forums trying to find quality compatible components in my price range and I thought that I would pass along a relatively hassle-free, semi-cheap setup. Sorry if the post was unwelcome.
  28. UT3 demo is due out soon (within 2 weeks), so we will see how that will look when its finally released.
  29. He may not have been sarcastic..

    UT3 demo.. sweet, just got my own 8800GTS 320 (BFG), can't wait...
  30. Fallout 3!
  31. another 3 years for that?
  32. Dude, chazwuzzer. Nice system. That is pretty much what I went and did. Although, I don't think I can ever switch to intel.
  33. underbyte18 said:
    Dude, chazwuzzer. Nice system. That is pretty much what I went and did. Although, I don't think I can ever switch to intel.

    Yeah, it was tough to switch over to the evil empire, but I calculated that it was the best deal for me this time - I could have been wrong though. This was the first Intel processor that I bought since a Pentium 75MHz way back in the day.

    Also is anybody else looking forward to Mafia II? Did anybody else dig the first installment as much as I did?
  34. All of those are lovely games. But if i can fantasize it would be a counter strike 3 with vehicles maybe that can supports in the game:)

    And one more game Max Payne 2.
  35. Half-Life 3
    Battlefield 3
    Hostile Intent: Phoenix Rising (a HL2 mod)
    Resistance and Liberation (a HL2 mod)
    Team Fortress 3: Brotherhood in Arms (ok just my wishfull thinking that they return to their original goal of making a better TFC.)
  36. Dawn of War: Soulstorm
  37. I just upgraded from my GTS and added some RAM for Crysis, UT3 and Assasin's Creed... some other interesting games out there, but these 3 are going to be the titles of the year.

    I really liked BioShock, and Stranglehold was good too (big Max Payne fan), but I'm dying for something to come out that will really "wow" me.
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