Team Fortress 2 Beta Impressions

Article written by Travis Meacham.

Believe it or not, Team Fortress 2 is finally coming out. The beta is up and running and those who pre-purchased The Orange Box through Steam have been playing for days. Was it worth the wait?
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  1. Seems more like I'm playing The Incredible's, but with Bazookas instead...not impressed.
  2. What's the deal with almost all the classes having a shotgun? Are they identical (although the scout you said it's one hand I believe). I love shotguns (besides the Anti Tank missiles in BF2 (which are my rockets), it's my 2nd used weapon). I won't be getting the orange box until probably january.
  3. i miss my grenades :( conc jumping was an art in the original, and to not have it included in the 2nd irks me...
  4. I love the game... I can't get enough.

    On that note, I never played the original so I have nothing to base it on other than the fact that it's an extremely fun team-based CTF shooter.

    Very entertaining and, to me anyway, worth prepuchasing the Orange Box for.
  5. Since I got it, I haven't played CS:S at all really... it is so much fun. I really love the animations. I think the facial expressions adds to the look. As characters do different things, they change there expression to show "attitude", "humor", and disappointment. I would love to see a single player campaign with these characters.
  6. Can someone tell me if it is true that only a few or possibly just one class has grenades. I will just play fortress forever if this is true. Does the medic really not have any conc grenades or even regular ones...I mean seriously? I wouldnt play Team Fortress anything if it werent for the skill involved in player movement and getting in/out and though places in maps. I was going to pre order this to play it until I heard about the lack of grenades. Can someone please confirm this for me. Thanks very much for the help and info.


  7. I absolutely love this game. My friends and I haven’t played anything but TF2 since it was released. We would all agree it’s one of the most enjoyable games we’ve ever played.

    My single dilemma is that my new 2900XT doesn’t work well with it. It’s kind of ironic, considering the game came with the card. I have to turn all of the settings to low, with no AA or AF for the game to be playable. After reading the Steam forums, I’ve concluded that it’s not just me, or the card. I’m hoping some of the outstanding issues are resolved in the near weeks before official launch. Taking that into consideration, it’s still one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.
  8. A few things I loved about TF for quake was the skills map that required you to learn to bunny hop rocket jump grenade jump and all sorts of things does this include and of the skills that were used commonly in Quake TF?
  9. There are no thrown grenades (save for the demoman who has a grenade launcher and a sticky bomb launcher but none that are thrown).
  10. Ouch, that kills it for me. I suppose I will just play FF. I may get TF2 just to give it a try when the price comes down. I suppose any long time fan of TF owes it to themself to atleast give it a try at some point.


  11. I am just ticked that they rendered all my support and faith in Valve moot by requiring me to re-buy the games I already bought. Pretty much betrayed me and that does not sit well with me. :pfff:

    The smug and condescending way they say "oh, but you can give the unused keys to a friend" only makes it feel more like they are taking a leak down my back and telling me "oh, it's just raining". :heink:
  12. Alright, I'm sorry but I think that this article doesn't do the game justice. I played the original YEARS ago and 8 years later I'm totally satisfied. The article doesn't mention but the soldier can definitely rocket jump and i'm pretty sure the demo guy can as well since his normal attack is a concussion grenade that has a delayed explosive if it doesn't hit anything.

    It's also cool because you can charge up the sticky bomb and shoot it with some awesome distance. Also something that wasn't mentioned was the importance of the Demo. The Engineers turrets can really put a hurting on your team but one well placed Grenade will take it out while the Soldiers needs to shoot multiple rockets to take out a turret. This goes for many of the other characters that aren't as easily accessible. While they aren't always fun to play as, they are VERY useful. You may find yourself switching between classes as your needs change through a round.

    About the character design and animations, I never saw the incredibles so I can't comment much but to me it is a nice progression from the old designs and it makes it a very fun experience. If you are looking for realism than this isn't for you but I would imagine that if you are looking for rocket jumping then you wouldn't be looking for realism anyway. With the exception of the Demo, I think everyone's alternative weapons can be highly effective.

    Now about many people having shotguns; it's really not a big issue. I don't think I've ever seen a Heavy or a Pyro using a shotgun even though the latter probably should to be really effective.

    For those on the fence, I highly suggest you give it a shot because it was SOO worth the money. It's got alot of depth and can be very strategic. I'm not sure what servers the writer played on but everyone I've played with goes for the objectives and strategizes. While many times things DO end in a stalemate, it is usually because either:
    1. one side becomes too defensive while the other isn't using the right offensive strategy
    2. both sides are just that good
  13. I'm absolutely loving this game so far.
    I haven't played a game that was this much fun in a long while, and having played TFC years ago, I am definately not disappointed.
    Anyone who hasn't given this a try owes it to himself to do so... you won't be disappointed.
  14. sojrner said:
    I am just ticked that they rendered all my support and faith in Valve moot by requiring me to re-buy the games I already bought. Pretty much betrayed me and that does not sit well with me. :pfff:

    The smug and condescending way they say "oh, but you can give the unused keys to a friend" only makes it feel more like they are taking a leak down my back and telling me "oh, it's just raining". :heink:

    Portal, HL2:E2, and TF2 are easily worth $45. Just consider the other games as free birthday presents for friends or something.
  15. TSIMonster said:
    Portal, HL2:E2, and TF2 are easily worth $45. Just consider the other games as free birthday presents for friends or something.

    worth is relative, but I know that they are good games... Really though, after the cancel of the black box and everyone assuming that it would still be available on steam only to find out it is not... very angering. Honestly, even if the black box would have cost 40 bucks, which would equate you getting HL2 and ep1 for 10 bucks... it is still 10 bucks for two games I already bought from them. They essentially want more money for what I already purchased.

    ultimately THAT is what really chaps my hide.

    I know I am being nit-picky and probably overreacting... but I am really getting sick of devs and pubs squeezing more and more blood from the few faithful PC gamers they have left that dutifully buy their wares. Whether it is charging for content that used to be (SHOULD be) free like new textures and skins (looking at you Bethesda) or charging way to much for "booster packs" that are really glorified patches with a bit of content, (hello EA) or putting games that we already bought into a pack with an expansion in order to justify a $10 price hike like Valve. This list is getting to large.

    What happened to REWARDING loyalty instead of demanding increasing tribute?

  16. the thing is they are charging $30 for TF2 by itself and another $20 for portal so just preordering for those 2 games you save $5. they included HL2 and Ep1 so people can play them if they want but you dont have to.
  17. You seem to be forgetting the most important part of the bundle... HL2:Ep2.
  18. sojrner said:

    I know I am being nit-picky and probably overreacting...


    What happened to REWARDING loyalty instead of demanding increasing tribute?


    I think you are overreacting. You are getting good value for your bucks although if your home currency is Euro you're a lot better of. Are you also feeling cheated because some of us can buy the game at even better value because of favorable currency rates? The currency rate between Euro and dollar is one of the reasons why I love to buy games on Steam at the moment.

    If you want to enjoy games at the moment they are released you will pay the early adoptor premium, that has always been, and that will remain to be so. It is quite likely that in 6 months time, you will see these games coming out separately and you might even save a few $ doing that, but you will also have to wait for half a year and you have to determine for yourself whether it's worth the wait. Personally I think you are getting good value for you money right now.

    I actually waited with buying Ep1 just so I could benefit from this box more and I accepted the fact that I still have not played Ep1 yet whereas most of you already did. Not that I knew beforehand they would cancel the black box but I certainly expected that at some time there would be bundles of episodes coming out at a better price.
  19. Don’t worry BigMac, Episode One is probably the biggest waste of money I have ever seen when it comes to PC gaming. The only good part of that game is the end scene and no that’s not only because it’s finished, it also looks kind of cool too. But the ending scene also had the effect of making you realise that you have just wasted $20, so good call BigMac.
  20. I agree with Gene Wilder and the Cookie Monster on this one; I don't like the idea of having to pay for games I've already bought. Stupid. Sure, when you consider the entire amount of content offered in the Orange Box, it's a great deal -- IF you don't already have HL2 and Episode 1. Which I do.

    Will Episode 2, Portal and TF2 offer enough content to justify the price? Probably, yeah. Is TF2 one of my most anticipated games of the season? Hells yes. But it's the principle.

    Per Caffudled, on the subject of HL2: Episode 1, I sometimes get the feeling that I'm a soldier without an army -- I loved it, even though everyone seems to complain about it. Yes, it was short. But hey, it's episodic. Yes, the cliffhanger was a killer. But hey, it's a Half-Life game! I think this is just further proof that either A) I'm right and most everyone else is wrong (story of my life) or B) I'm slowly losing my grip on reality after playing hours upon hours of games, and that my ability to be objective about all things Half-Life has eroded to the point on no return.
  21. I don’t think you can really call Half Life 2 episodic anymore after the time it’s taken for Episode Two to come to release. Episode Two as I have said before is more of a squeal than another episode of the Half Life 2 series. I believe after they released Episode One they decided that releasing short expansion packs which they essentially are, is not the best course of action for the game, people go in looking for a new game and come out with a simple content update.

    Episode One seemed like it was Valve testing out the water on releasing short content updates and for them it looks like it never worked out so they have reverted back to releasing a new upgraded versions of the game with better graphics and new features as well as a lot more content.

    Sam & Max is episodic, Half Life 2 isn’t.
  22. All I know is anybody who's complaining about the lack of nades is nothing more than the uber-annoying grenade-spamming-whores that made 2fort into the stinking pile of spawning crap that it eventually turned into.

    No nades = good.
  23. RE: This article- Although it seems to have a slightly positive spin, I agree that it doesn't do the game justice. Do not underestimate the quality of gameplay here; this game is a serious shooter, and a unlike most of the pseudo-FPS tech-demos out lately, FUN. Anyway, I look forward to reading the reviews when the game is released in retail. It's really sweet...

    RE: 2900XT Problems- I run the TF2 beta at 1920x1200 and have absolutely no problems on mine...

    RE: "Paying for games you already purchased"- I understand you'll be able to purchase TF2 separately for $29. However, in order to access the TF2 beta, you have to pre-buy Orange Box.

    RE: Nades- Those damned things have ruined almost every decent FPS I've ever played. Thanks for leaving them out, Valve. Only nade-spamming weekend kids will miss those here....
  24. Well, for those of you who really miss the original TFC and think that Team Fortress 2 has been dummied down, just check out the new mod call Fortress Forever.

    It's TFC redone for the source engine. Most everything is the same when it comes to what each class has (including nades) but there are several tweaks to make all classes useful and no one class to dominate.

    Usually a well polished mod like this one will be on the Steam list but I think they are scared that people wont Pay to play their version :P
  25. I like it, but it killz you half life sk1llz. I SUCK at hl2dm after a round of TF2, It is lots of fun, but it is like chess + rock paper scissors if you are a <this> you cant kill a <that>, oh and the scout is not really fair, too strong but not fast enough. It is made to be too easy to play. So you cant really get too skilled.
  26. I love TF2, its been a great game so far. The game actually runs pretty well, I have a GeForce 6600 and I play it at medium/high just fine. The classes are great, if you look at the commentary you will understand why certain things where changed or removed from the original version. The changes really aren't a big deal, the game is fun as hell without the grenades.
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