Heavenly Sword Review

Review written by Travis Meacham.

Sony has teased screenshots and movies of Heavenly Sword since E3 2006 when the title was jokingly referred to as "Goddess of War." Now that it's finally out, is it the game that will make you buy a Playstation 3?

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  1. This game is terrible, As any game will quickly see, it is just a copy fo old games already out, with only changed graphics.

    Sony is nuts on thier games latley. This so called "NEW" game, um remeber Genji days of the balde one of PS3 1st games like this, why did they copy the exaxt same game engine, and only change the graphics, even the main charaters runs with the same slant style as in that game, thats couple years old now. Thiers several games out fo PS3 using that same boring engine, only changing teh graphics, aka Ninja Gaiden new release - same game new graphics over lay on the older genji engine. Sheesh make a new game, not pretty up the graphicas on old ones and call them GREAT NEW GAMES'

    Sign of bad times for game makers if all tehy can do is milk money out of gamers to buy old content over again.

    Just my 2 cents on this game'
  2. Heavenly sword old 'content'? Old engine, maybe, if your assumption is true, which I seriously doubt, but old content?

    It is no coincidence hack&slash games play like eachother, but this game also adds some new stuff to the table, really fun mini missions where you are using the sidekick, a large cannon, a mobile cannon etc. The realtime cutscenes are superbly done.

    Calling this game terrible is utter nonsense.
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