Are you kidding me???

I was just looking at the xbox 360 @ newegg and it appears that there are several different models, not just different packages with different included accesories, but machines with different specifications for graphics?, front side bus?, memory?, etc.? Am I just mis-reading this or is that true?

I always thought the great thing about consoles was that the games were written for and optimized for 1 set of hardware specs, is microsoft now changing the rules?

Any insight would be appreciated.
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  1. I don't think the they would have anything like that, they might have different sized hard drives, but thats about it (it would make no sense to have a non uniform console)
  2. I think they've released a 65nm model thats intended to replace the existing 90 nm model.
    The price is the same, its just that 65nm is suppose to be more reliable and produce less heat, theoretecly meaning that it would result in less RRoD.
    The different models should just refer to different hard drive sizes and accessories, with exception of the elite which also has HDMI. All the internal components though will be the same.
  3. We have one of the original launch boxes here in the office, and it crapped out recently (though it did not expire via the Red Ring of Death). I've heard there's an issue with the video setup getting burnt out that kills the display. So it wouldn't surprise me if even the same SKUs for the 360 have wildy different configurations and parts, let alone different sKUs.

    I'm thinking that instead of sending the unit back, we may try to do an autopsy in the THG lab and maybe even pull a "Young Frankenstein" and patch the thing together....
  4. On newegg it listed a couple of different models with different FSB speeds? Is that just a result of dropping to the 65nm model? Safe to assume no difference in performance?
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