Is a 7600GT OC enough for Halo: Combat Evolved?

*All, I did actually search the forum and didn't see the answer to the following question, so be patient, please. If there is indeed a threat already would someone mind posting the link (we've some very intolerant members to any question that's been asked before).

With that, my fiance has heard all of this hype regarding Halo 3, I've tried to explain but I thought it'd be fun to get her involved since she's ready interested. I was going to install Halo: Combat Evolved on one of my rigs and let her have a go at it.

My question is, what kind of experience would she get out of a 7600GT OC pushing the game @ 1600x1024 (Apple Cinema Display). Is that card up to the task or do I have an excuse to spend some money?

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  1. Try the demo first, it ran OK on my p4 3.2GHz and 7800GS AGP OC at 1280x1024, had some hiccups (with the demo), never tried the full game as I played it on xbox 20 times (singleplayer), the multiplayer on the demo was bad, as the servers always seemed to lag and get the fubar connection.
  2. Good idea. Good idea indeed. Thx.
  3. well... my laptop's integrated graphics can play halo on medium graphics at native res (not 1024x768 btw)
  4. I'm really hoping we'll get to play it in widescreen @ 1600x1024 and have it be smooth...if I find the 7600GT OC can't do that then I'll be looking for the minimum card that can. I'm not going to get my fiance an 8800 series card to play 1 video game she may not really get into...and I don't game on my rig so its not like I need that kind of power...but if say an 8600GTS could do it I can spend that cost of entry.
  5. Um think, that halo demo ran pretty well on my 6800gt at 1024x768, I warn you though, the pc version looks terrible and doesn't play as well as the console version, it's one redeeming feature is the rocket warthog, I've got the full version somewhere but I was so disgusted by its poor graphics I deleted it. I'd play it on an xbox if you have one.
  6. Spanner, thanks for that information. I don't know why I expected that the PC version would look BETTER than the console. I was excited about running it on the PC...but yet you feel it looks worse. That's a bummer. :(
  7. halo? the first one that came out for pc?? are you kidding. I remeber running that on a pentium 2 733 at max res with my radeon.
  8. Yeah, I am talking about the original Halo, heck I'm just beginning to play Halo 2 on my new 360 Elite...but I don't share the Xbox 360...I can't...I'm...I'm...I'm she'll have to play Halo: Combat Evolved on the PC. ;)
  9. Are you lot kidding me, I was playing Halo on my 1700+ with 1GB DDR333 ram and a GeForce3 64MB. I had the resolution at 1280X1024 with all the settings set to max but with AA and AF disabled. The game ran just fast enough to be playable with single player and online. Then I got my old 9800Pro, which completely thrashed the game to bits. So if you ask me a 7600 should have no problem at all.
  10. Thanks. I know, I know I have been a pathetic gamer...but I've realized that the killing The satisfying, so we're trying to catch the family up. :ange: ...but above someone posted that the graphics for the PC version weren't as good as the console...what's up with that?
  11. It’s because a PC monitor is about 5 times clearer than a TV screen, so with the Xbox version you did not notice the dodgy textures and the sub par bump mapping but when played on the PC with 1280X or higher resolution all the flaws become clear.
  12. That makes perfect sense. Duh.
  13. a 7600gt should run it fine i think
    i have an x600 and it runs nice all on high 1024x768
  14. are you kidding me. i'm not so sure you guys are playing this game max'ed out. w/ a high resolution. this game looks 10 times better than the xbox version. no contest. i for one have everything max'ed out on a 7900gt. you should have no problem at all w/ a 7600 oc.
  15. I dunno... I know for a fact that I ran it at maximum settings at 1280x1024 res with 4x FSAA on an athlon xp 1800+ with 1 or 2GB generic ram and a radeon 9700pro. I always kept my graphic card settings maxed too under the catalyst control center. So unless they've released updates to the game in the past 4 or so years that actually slow it down I'm going to have to go with it playing just fine on his setup.
  16. It will run fine... I still RUN this game on my Intel Celeron 2.66GHZ MAXED OUT with a Geforce 6600GT can you believe it? yeah. and I still get a average framerate of about 40fps @ 1280x1024 so the 7600 GT will do fine. Overclocking won't be needed. Just make sure you have ENOUGH ram in that thing.
  17. i have a 7600gt and you wont be disappointed so the case is closed
  18. You are fine,

    Played it on 1280x1024 at high settings on a p4 3.2 with a 6600GT.

    Remember the colors looked washed out for the whole title, but it was the one I played right after farcry, so you can see there was a little difference......

    Just scored Halo 2 for pc online for $19, but waiting for SP1 to move from XP to Vista.
  19. I have a (PCI-E) 7600GT. On my Pentium D 940, 2 gigs of ram, Vista ulti, and SATA HDD I was able to run the game at 1900x1200.. it was playable at around somewhere 40-55+ FPS. I run at 1280x1024 and it runs 80-90+FPS in singleplayer mode and 100-160+FPS in blood gulch.
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