Rapid clicking with a mouse? How?

Ok, this is something that has bothered me for eons, and searching the internet has not helped....


Ya know, so I can just hold down mouse 1, and have it click many times a second, mainly for windows browsing, but also would be handy in some games. =-?

Any ideas?

(edit-- opps I forgot to mention that I am using windows Vista Ultimate 32bit)
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  1. Well if you have a gamepad with autofire support then you could use a program called xpadder to use the gamepad to simulate the mouse and then autofire with the gamepad as a mouse. But that's a fairly long work around. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head.
  2. Yeah I've had a program before that let me use my controller as a mouse... Only problem is my controller does not have rapid fire lol.

    There has got to be a way to do this.... but how =?
  3. gamebro said:


    Practice a lot, stay away from consoles for a while (just to get more mouse practice), and stop pressing the Capslock.
  4. It's not hard to click a mouse button rapidly.
  5. Nah you can rapid press on a joypad much faster than you can on a mouse. I remember back in the day when I was a kid playing a game called Warhammer Dark Omen. It was a game like Total War but set in mythological setting and was actually good fun. I had it on the PSX first then later got it on the PC, my point is that on the game you had to rapid press a button on the screen to increase a bar that would make your group fight better. On the PSX I could max that bar with out fail, while on the mouse it was useless I could barely get it half way.

    So yeah, unless you can find a mouse with auto fire then your kind of stumped, saying that though I cant see why you would want to rapid click your mouse unless you where using the dual pistols in Counter Strike… but then that would be cheating, wouldn’t it :non:
  6. Macro, some people use it in bf2, the tv missile moves smoothly, like 2142, but slower, more control.

    Pretty obvious left click macro. If that's what you're looking for.
  7. Simple--stay away from consoles for a while. If you give it enough practice, you can click VERY fast. My own personal trick? Put my middle finger over my index's fingernail... then just tap as fast as you can.
  8. Like cafuddled said about the dual pistols in CSS, I bind Mouse Wheel Up to shoot, so when I scroll it shoots at an incredibly rapid speed.
  9. mapping click to the mousewheel in a game is an option in some games, but is considered cheating in many online games.

    Having the right mouse makes a huge difference here.
  10. Hmmm..... A macro...... Very nice....... muhahahahhaa.... Why didn't I think of that before?

    Oh and, no I am not using this to cheat in any shooter.... But to cheat on something else, muahhahaa! I AM SUCH A BASTARD! =D

    Thanks for the tips fellows, I got some cheating to do!!!!
  11. one suggestion i heard is make the mouse wheel your fire button (ohh lol i didn't notice someone said that lol)

    or u can get a wolfking trooper gaming mouse like i have XD
  12. out of interest what game?
  13. Scroll Wheel Shooting :D
  14. Kamakazi666,

    1) The OP dates back to 09-25-2007,

    2) You have only 1 post so why would anyone trust in downloading and running something you suggest.
  15. I hate when people use macro's and how its still debated whether or not its really a cheat, it is. Devs need to put some sort of cool down on the semi auto weapons, to keep the damn cheats from Macro'ing a fully auto shot gun.
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