Xbox 360 Elite on a 30inch Dell 3007wfp Monitor

I have a dell 30 inch LCD Monitor and it only has DVI inputs. I actually believe these inputs are Dvi-D which i am very unfamiliar with. I think they are digital only, im not sure? I cant figure out how to hook up my elite to the monitor, as is has no vga ports, or hdmi ports. Its native resolution is 2560 x 1600. I would GREATLY appreciate ANY HELP!
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  1. You can buy an adapter from vga to dvi for a couple bucks.
  2. tdank

    I dont have a xbox 360, so I cant prove it either way. But I dont think a VGA\DVI adapter will work.

    The 3007 does not have a scaling capabilities, and can only display 2560x1600 OR 1280x800, and exactly those.

    If the 3007 is connected to you PC then your video card is doing the scaling.

    One possibility is to use a capture card for your PC and then output to the 3007 through the video card.

    IMPORTANT: I dont have a 360 so I cant be 100% sure, so by all means try that DVI\VGA adaptor and see if it works, couple of bucks is all you'll loose. Uhmm dont you already have one? They usually ship with video cards with DVI.

    Please let me know how this works out.
  3. I don't have a 360 either but doesn't the Elite have an HDMI output? That would be a digital connection. If you find a DVI - HDMI adapter you should be able to stay all digital and connect the 360 to the DVI input on the Dell Flat panel.
    Good Luck!
  4. actually thats what i was thinking /w the dvi-hdmi adapter, the only thing is what about sound? maybe perhaps i can use the optical port?

    thanks guys i appreciate it.
  5. I have an Elite Hdmi->dvi adapter into a dell 2407WFP. Audio into a logitech 5300e, Y-converter (2 into 1), no 5.1 surround :( . It plays 1080p on 1920x1200 scaled down to 1920x1080 (1:1) IT sucks if your monitor doesn't have scaling. As for sound, don't make the same mistake I did, Get speakers with optical in. I recommend the Logitech Z-5500 505 Watts 5.1 Speaker a bit pricey but i bet 5.1 is worth it on gears of war and bioshock :D
  6. My understanding of the 3007wfp is that it is digital only (so a small vga-->dvi converter wont work, because that would be DVI-A, you would need a $300 converter to change it to DVI-D), and that it has no scaling capacity. If you were to go from HDMI --> DVI (both are digital, and the cable costs around $10), I think the 3007wfp should be able to display it, however it may just take up part of the screen, and there would be a lot of black space, but it would still look badass.

    If anyone has tried this, let me know, i want to know if i should sell my old xbox 360 (no hdmi) to buy a new one that will work with my 30" dell.

    Or you could just buy gateway's new monitor with 8000000000 different inputs
  7. I have both a 360 (elite w/ hdmi) and Dell 30" widescreen, but haven't tried to connect the two.

    The 3007's DVI requires a dual-link video card, so I doubt the 360 can provide the necessary output, but I'll try connecting a DVI-->HDMI cable and seeing what happens.
  8. anyone had any luck? i'm dying to know if this works
  9. I've tried this, using the 360 Elite, with an HDMI cable and a HDMI > DVI adapter. It doesn't work at all on the 3007WFP. The monitor apparently realizes there is a connection, but it stays black. The monitor has no buttons for manual control of any kind, so there are no settings to change.

    I also tried it with a different flat panel DVI monitor I have, an old tiny one from Gateway. It partly worked - images displayed a couple times but kept resizing itself and finally going black. That monitor had some built in scaling, but I'm guessing it didn't have scaling to fit the input the 360 was trying to give it.

    As far as I can tell, since the 3007WFP has no built in scaling, and the 360 won't output in a resolution that is native to the monitor, it won't display. It would have to be run through the computer in order to scale the image.
  10. Guys the Xbox 360 will output to the Dell 30" however the black screen is caused by an unsupported resolution as the monitor is very dumb (ie it has no logic for scaling etc of its own - its simply a panel). What you need to do is first set the res to output to 1280x768 (using another monitor or something for eg) THEN connect to the monitor and it works. However, as the screen really needs 1280x800 to work (ie you are 32 rows of pixels short) you get a strange bar of extra video at the bottom of the screen where the top of the image starts repeating itself. This is not a problem however and you can play games perfectly well. I have this setup all the time when my mate brings his xbox over to play.

    Hope this helps!

  11. lloydy,

    Are you using the VGA cable to unlock those resolutions such as 1280x768? When I tried to use an HDMI to DVI cable, my 360 didn't give me the computer resolutions as a choice, only the typical 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080p choices. I wasn't using Microsoft's HDMI kit that includes the audio cables, just a standard HDMI to DVI. If you are using a VGA cable (analog), how are you getting it to drive the 3007wfp which is digital? Most of the cheap VGA to DVI cadapters are for DVI-A. I know that there are $100 analog-to-digital converters that one can buy, but it doesn't sound like this was your solution.

    Does using the dedicated Microsoft hdmi cable bundle unlock the computer resolutions such as 1280x768?

    If you could let us know what type of cable and / or adapter you are using, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  12. I have tried to connect the 3007 wfp monitor, HDMI conector into the TV decoder (Bluewin) in Switzerland and I got a black screem. I have called DELL yesterday and they said to me that was going to work without no problem, and yet, doesn't work. Can someone help out or maybe already have successfuly done this with the DVI-D into HDMI port and that the connection worked?
  13. I've tried every possible method to get my xbox elite to display on the 3007wfp. hdmi to dvi doesnt work, obviously. and even if it did you'd have no audio. I tried lloydy's method, which doesnt work either (used the xbox vga cord and set the monitor's resolution on a seperate monitor then disconnected and connected into the 3007wfp). Pictures or it didnt happen dude.
  14. I have a HP 3065 30" monitor.

    Work with New XBOX 360.

    I have standard HDMI->DVI cable.

    Set the xbox on 1280x768 on another screen.


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