So I played Bioshock, and wasn't that impressed.

Ok so my friend has a 360 and he rented Bioshock. I was excited that I would finaly get to play this game that everyone is talking about. I couldn't play it on my PC because I don't have a DX10 card (although now i think there is a work around to that). So we pop it in and my friend is playing it, this is the first FPS he has ever played, plays sports games and racing games mostly so he has it on easy and well sucks at it. Anyway I walk off and go do some other things because I didn't want to ruin my game by already knowing where everything is and what happens in the story line.

On to the point, I start a new game so I can up the difficulty cuz this isn't my first FPS rodeo. So im playing along like a normal fps u know trying not to die so i dont have to reload. Then my friend tells me "oh if u die u just pop up in those chambers." Im sort of confused by what he means so to figure this out i just go and die and then poof im like 12 steps away from where i was killed. WTF!?! this is like Prey all over again only i have to slightly inconvenience myself to walk back to where i was killed, oh and i dont have all the guns and ammo i had.

Here I was going along like a normal FPS hording all the ammo and med kits possible and theres no freaking need for it. I was reading up on Bioshock and everyone is claiming its the second coming of Christ (or Allah, Buddha, or Kurt Cobain take ur pick) and its just blah to me.

I mean come on have people gotten so lazy that they can't reach up and hit F5 and are willing to lose their hard earned med kits and ammo just so they dont have to? This i feel completely makes the game lose all its excitement. I took out a big daddy with the d@mn wrench just for the he11 of it, the game lost all it edge of your seat moments. Oh huge nar killing SOB...meh ill just stand here and shoot all my ammo at it and if I die ill pop up in the room next door with my trusty wrench and go to work with that.

And for the save the girl or kill her whats up with that. they make it sound like you cant live without Adam but all it does is let you buy bigger badder plasmids...umm ok. So what if i kill one or 2 does that mystery lady give my my prize or do i get screwed out of it? Also id take a guess that this game will be just like Fable where u either choose the path of complete good or evil in the end making all your other choices more the less irrelevant.

What happened to the good ol' days where if you lost all your lives you had to start the whole game over again? Or how about the original Doom games that were actually a challenge to figure out. Heck u had to find a door that was hidden in a hallway where the walls floor and ceiling were all one texture of a spine looking thing, and to top that you had to open it with a chain saw all the while demons from the bowels of hell are killing the shat out of u. There is still a level in one of the first 3 Doom games that i still cant figure out. i have to cheat to get a key that I for the life of me cannot find.

Id like to end saying i think Bioshock is a good game and all but the hype leading up to it was just overkill. This isnt the only game that this has been done to or the last but man i wish it would just stop.
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  1. DX10.... not needed. Personally, it was my favorite single player experience since Far Cry. But has no replay value to me. I played on easy and never used the chamber, I regret that somewhat, but I only cared about the story, it was all worth it after meeting

    Andrew Ryan and beating him to death. I didn't want to, but he asked so kindly..

    ***END SPOILER***
  2. Its a good game, but still think half life 2 is alot better
  3. stemnin said:
    DX10.... not needed. Personally, it was my favorite single player experience since Far Cry.
    Yep DX10 not needed. My favorite since FarCry as well! Can't wait for Crysis.

    I was totally Jonesing for the 9-25-07 Crysis demo but they delayed it a month and a day till 10-26-07, arrrrgh!

    I promised myself that I'd never have anything to do with Half Life, Valve or Steam ever again. HL2 was a days long install nightmare. I see now that BioShock is available over Steam. Good thing I didn't know that or I'd have never purchased the game.

    Anyhow the BioShock install was no problem and the internet verification thing went smooth after I finally guessed if the 0 was a O or a 0 and used all caps.
  4. Best damn story. It's fun the first time around. Multiplayer wouldn't have been good.
  5. playing through it now just had an omg moment
    i felt like an idiot maybe in later discussions we can actually talk about how clever it was
    personally i felt like going to the local supermarket and stealing ****
    why ... because i can
  6. I completely agree with Samir about the OMG factor of just respawning about 12 feet away when you die. I started playing and was totally engrossed with the storyline,plot,graphics,physics and the AI. All of a sudden I get pumped by the Big D ( playing on hard of course - otherwise to gay easy ). My hand immediately hovers to the F5 key out of instinct but low and behold : I just respawn with half health and mana. I can tell you that after all the time spent messing around in anticipation for this great game, I nearly fell out of my chair when I realised.

    Its like the biggest schoolboy error of them all. Here you have this amazing hyped up game with all the right players in the team and they break the premise of the time old FPS genre. Basic principles 101. If there is no risk of dying in the game, or some kind of penalty process ( a short walk back to where you started doesnt count! ) then the game looses all appeal. There is no need to really save your medkits etc or worry about sneaking around. You are basically playing through a less involved story line - with absolutely no fear of the enemy whatsoever. And although its still a fun game it just lost that spark as soon as I figured out that you just CANT DIE!

    I ran through 1 or 2 stages to check out the various perks etc and then quit, uninstalled and drank in sorrow about the huge mistake that the developers made.

    Status _ currently waiting for a "you can actually die and the spawn points have been removed from the game" patch.
    Likelyhood : Not very seeing as its hard coded into the gaming pattern and events...

    Dissapointed. Hellgate london is going to be a godsend :)
  7. If you guys really want punishment maybe you could rig up a shoe on a spring to kick you in the nuts everytime you die? :lol:

    Maybe there is a market for such a device on EBay? Tired of games that are too easy? One day sale! Lakedude's USB groin smasher! Only 6 easy payments of $19.95! Free shipping! Get racked today, don't delay!
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