Clive Barker`s Jericho Demo

looks good, downloading it now 1 gig`s-Jericho-Demo/5177.html

boo :cry:

OK just played it .... graphics good, took me about 10-15mins but liked it (8\10)
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  1. Downloading now, hopefully my system can manage it well @ 1680x1050!


  2. Downloaded it yesterday. I heard you can only play with a couple players, but from the screenshots and vids I've watched, I'm really excited.
  3. yea you can go into 3 all together 1 women with sword and machine gun uzi i think, 1 guy with gatling gun and pistol,(that 1 is fun) another guy with some sort of pistol and granade laucher\machine gun plus they have special powers as well and melee fighting etc
  4. Although I'm not a big fan of Clive Barker, Undying was very good. We're likely to take a look at this one.
  5. Great demo. Played on the highest settings enjoyed every min of the 10 min demo.
  6. Played the demo last night and I like most of it. The graphics is excellent and the movement as well. I didn't like the part where you have to push the directional bottons to sync and play the story. You know the part where the chick goes down the drain hole and got attack with one of the fallen crusader.
  7. yea it reminded me of that old cartoon game with the knight and dragon and you had to move when you saw a flash of light or arrow
    i forget the name
  8. Dragons lair. Although when I saw this, I thought of Dance Dance Revolution.
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