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Hi everybody!

Could somebody help me? I have just installed MSI 648 MAX and got a message "Cmos battery low" and the long beeps. Now when I turn power on, nothing appears. No screen, no noise. Absolutely dead horse.
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  1. Thats even with no battery the Computer should still post and boot......i think u got urself a defective Motherboard....

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  2. Hey N,

    First read your mobo manual cover to cover. Next, remove your mobo battery(looks like a big watch battery), go to Radio Shack & buy a brand new one & replace the battery on the mobo.

    Also, for kicks, read the first post in this community "THGC Motherboard FAQ v1.0".

    In your next question post, please list all of your hardware. I would really like to know your CPU, HSF, PSU, Video Card, Ram(brand, type, size & # of sticks), & OS. Good Luck

    Peace Out...............tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
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