My own game-oriented PC

Subject: My Own 1000$ PC

Hello, I followed an article on this site and I decided to build my own game-orientated computer.I aim to build a computer around 1500$. Can someone give me councils? Here is my configuration :

Case : Raidmax Scorpio 668 (BLACK) : 182,26$
Mainboard : Soyo SY-KT880 Dragon 2 v2.0 : 180,10$
Processor : AMD AthlonXP 2800+ (2.25ghz): 172,99$
Fan : Cooler Master Aero 7+ : 45,00$
Video : ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 XT : 284,00$
Memory : 2 x 512Mo Kingston : 218,00$
Harddrive : 2 x 80GB Western Caviar : 158,00$
Burn\read : NEC 3500 (Black) : 87,00$

Total : 1327,35$(Canadian)
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  1. IMO these is a probleme when your case cost more then your mainboard

    Michael Desbiens
    IS&T BPR Group
  2. Well, I wanted to have a really nice case for gaming. I am tired of those neutral cases :)
  3. If you are going to spend that much on a case go for a lianli. That raidmax case looks just like a chieftech and those cases are HORRIBLE!! They are extra narrow cases. My old chieftech case could barely fit my 9800pro in it and that is a very small vid card. I had to put one hd above and one hd below the video card to make it fit.
    Go for a Lian-Li PC-61 or something like that, those are nice cases.

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  4. Thank you folken for the reply, I dont find the raidmax horrible.... but may be you do, i think that it is a personal choice, the case is a server-like case and it have a lot of place, and the design (for me) is incredible. :)The Lian Li seems to be a good case but the design is still a basic one (for me). I see that you have both Athlon and Pentium, which one gave you the best performance/price ratio?
  5. The raidmax case just looked simmilar to chieftech cases, they probably redesigned it to be better. The athlon machine gave a MUCH better price/performace ratio. This 3ghz P4 sucks :(
    In 3dmark01se I got somewhere around 19k on my athlon machine and with the same video card on my pentium machine I get about 16k if I'm lucky. Same drivers and everything, just changed to pentium. The only reason I have this pentium machine is that the motherboard in my athlon machine really really sucked and had tons of problems. My friend just had me trade my 3200+ and lanparty board for a 3ghz p4 and a gigabyte board of his. I was about to buy an all new opteron machine when he made me trade. I'm sort of relieved I still have a bank account and this machine will last me till ati decides to do sli and opteron boards get pcie.

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