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ok i'll cut to the chase: i have 2 computers in seperate rooms and i wish to link the two through their network cards. My runs windows 2000 while the other is on xp home. the purpose of doing this is so i can share a internet connection i got going on a wireless network that's used by the whole house (except for the xp computer since we can't afford another wireless nic). right now i'm rather puzzled at how to do this since i don't have much networking experience. any help is appreciated!
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  1. Connect the NICs with a crossover cable (CAT 5 UTP & RJ45 ends). Go to Control Panel/Network and ensure both systems are configured with the same workgroup and both have TCP/IP enabled. Enable file and print sharing as is suitable.

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  2. ic thanks for the simple explaination! however i have some more questions: if i do as u say, will i only be able to share files? i want to share a wireless internet connection that's coming from the wireless modem connected to one of the computer. i read on that i can use the "software bridge" function found in xp to connect two networks 2gether. so basically what my question is can i connect the two computers using a crossover cable and then share the wireless connection i have connected to one of the computer (the wireless modem is connected to a wireless router in anotehr part of the house)? help is appreciated!
  3. I'm not experienced in XP, so I can't say, but in other Windows set-ups you would need to enable ICS and leave on the server PC to allow net access to the other.

    Personally, I'd get a router and share the connection that way. You might get away with just a hub actually, but again I'm no XP guru. Sorry.

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  4. try this guide:
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  5. the bridge you mention earlier has nothing to do with sharing. It's just a bandwidth binder. camieabz more in tune with the discussion
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