What is "Raid" in WoW?

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  1. itotallybelieveyou said:
    topic says it all

    Personally I've never played WOW, but I have overheard my son say a bunch of players get togther and form a raid or attack together. I could be wrong, so don't totallybelieveme.
  2. Basicly at the momment in wow raid mainly means when you and your guild members gather up, go in instance and start kicking some ass. Basicly a really fun thing to do and spend your time, And most borring thing to do after you been in the instance for more than few times. Cause you will go raid an instance more than 100 times with your guild at least.
  3. Hello... My name is Scott. I am a WOW~aholic, and after three years of addiction I have been WOW~free since May.

    /chorus "Hello Scott!!"

    A Raid in WOW is when you gather together more than 5 players in a group. The group leader has to go into the party management console and "Convert to Raid Group" in order to add more players. Note: You cannot complete any quests while in a Raid group, unless the quest is designated as Raid~able. You will see an additional line of chat for the Raid group, in addition to party chat. Most guilds will use Ventrillo or Teamspeak for communications, though. (Vent is better...)

    Guilds will do this to work on and conquer content which otherwise can't be beaten (Karazan is the current starting point for PvE Raid content, unless you feel like taking your level 70 'toon and going to beat up on Molten Core,

    You can also join a PvP Raid group for Battlegrounds, or to attack the other faction on a PvP server - Same thing: More than 5 players in the group, sharing a chat channel, who (are supposed to...) work together to conquer something which otherwise may be too tough.

    Yes, I remember when you were officially bada$$ if you could 5-man Scholomance...
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