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Hi guys and gals,

senior type guy here wanting to start playing pc games. No experience but pretty good with my 'puter. I'd appreciate some recommendations. I've heard the term "first person shooter"....does that make any sense? Couple guys recommended Halo, Half Life.... Any ideas or suggestions would sure be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Oh, PS... my sys., I built it, is fast enough for most games. Running wxp-p...3.0 mhz. 2 gb ram 350 HD...etc...
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  1. First person shooters you'll definitely want CS:Source. Call of Duty Series. If you took psyhology in College or University play The Ship. Stuff from Ubisoft ghost recon advance warfighter 2, rainbow six vegas.Bioshock is single player only but still fun. The GTA series. Gears of war is coming ouit for pc soon. Crysis also comoing soon. RTS you'll want company of heroes, C&C series.
  2. lost planet single or multi.
  3. what graphics card do you have? if you bought your pc from a shop make and model please.
  4. Hi, personalyl i prefare RTS's(strategy games) but for shooters , most of the time they (as any other ones) require good hardware, so it all depends wha You are looking for, nice vizuals, or good gameplay(sometimes these do not go together;))
    Battlefield 2 was pritty nice(older game, but still has decent vizuals, and its a multiplayer game, so it shines mostly online;))
    -Bioshock, looks quite nice, bot for my taste, its a bit to short(only 20 hours singleplayer), and too gory, since the athmosphere of the game is basically dark, and gory, and abotu mutated humans
    -Crysis, not yet out(it should be released in November), personally im waiting to get this game, vizually supposed to be one of the most amazing games to date, gameplay wise might be fun as well, it will have a decent sinngleplayer storyline, with multiplayer also
    Halo- personally i would stay awaya from it, all those that rave about it are just huge halo fans(or fanatics), i dont think this game brought in anythign special into the FPS world, not really vizualy, nor gameplay wise
    -Lost planet, for me ok but boring after about 30 minutes, and its not really a FPS, if anything it is a third person shooter, a console port of the game, relatively demanding on hardware

    as to rts's I would recomend :
    -Medieval 2(and its expansion- Kingdoms) really one of the best games i playd in a while(only one i play on and off for a year now), more tactical based (in its real time portion of the gaem, it also has a turn based gameplay in it)
    -company of heroes- on eof the most vizually stunning WW2 games i ever playd, also its stand alone expansion "Opposing fronts" just came out
    -command and conquer3- as a Electonic Arts game i would stay away from it, since EA is really horrid in making strategy games, they always make a huge hype about their products, and never finish the games, which are loaded with many buggz, and glitches, and tehn release a patch which isnt really helpful, and then they rush with the expansion, and overhype it.....rince and repeat, so if anythign i would stay away from any EA developed game.
    -World in conflict-another nicely looking, relatively nicely playable rts, I was in its open and closed beta testing, and it seems that the devs actaully teid to come up with new and interesting things in it.

    Hope this helps a bit, but all in all You need to tell us what games are You looking for, that is the game style, sicne some FPS games are more face paced, just run and gun without thinking much like quake, others like Battlefield 2 and such are more "tactical" oriented, like ghost recon, which is overly tactical, and quite realistick, that is one or 2 bullets will kill u, whereas in BF2 lets say 6 or so of those do the job(or 1 to the head;))

    Take care
  5. I would recommend Far Cry, Half Life 1 (aka HL1), or Halo 1.

    Those are older games (especially HL1, circa 1997?), but they offer pretty good gameplay and storyline. They can be bought for $20 or less.

    Of the three my first choice is Far Cry because it is the newest of the three and has the best graphics, pretty good storyline and user made modifications "MODs" that can be freely download that would extend Far Cry's playable life. Matto3 and Matto4 are examples of such mods.


    Apparently, Far Cry can now be legally downloaded for free. The only problem is that the game will now contain ads.

    Far Cry Full Game (Free Game - Ad Supported)
  6. For some Far Cry mods you can click the following link.

    First Contact: Planet Fall seems pretty interesting, I just might install Far Cry to try it out. There's a like to a YouTube video of the gameplay so you can check out the alien world. Just be aware that this particular mod has some bugs based on user feedback so I would try out Matto3 and Matto4 first.

    Just word of caution, Far Cry is not compatible with wireless mice for some reason and I don't think this problem has ever been corrected. Therefore, you need to play it with a traditional "wired" mouse.
  7. FarCry is awesome. I love it.

    FEAR has the best atmosphere of any shooter I've ever played. HL 2 is a great story.

    I just played some Deus Ex not to long ago and it reminded me how great that game was.

    If you want to play real time strategy I would go all the way back to Age of Empires, Warcraft 2, Command and Conquer, and Starcraft to get started. I'm pretty sure you can still buy all of those.

    For turn based you could start with Civ2 or Alpha Centauri. They do take a little more effort to get used to.

    RPGs are very cool. See if you can get a hold of the Baldur's Gate series or Morrowind.

    Check that - if you play Morrowind and like it it will be impossible for you to fully enjoy Oblivion. So get Oblivion first.

    Personal favorite: The Gothic series. But if you're just getting into gaming I would hold off for a bit.
  8. Ananan said:

    For turn based you could start with Civ2 or Alpha Centauri. They do take a little more effort to get used to.

    Both games are good, but I recommend Galactic Civilization II: Dread Lords. I am an experienced strategy gamer and I'll just say that the AI behind GalCiv II is really formidable. It's designed to imitate human players, not "cheat" like AI's of other strategy games like Civilization amongst others.
  9. ^ I played galCiv 2 DL , and i have to agree, its pritty nice, althou it lacks in graphics, its more ..."old school" ;)....but still good
  10. you can lose a LOT of hours on Oblivion if your computer has a good graphics card (oh and also there is the somewhat older morrowind) (i didn't read the other posts, too lazy :P) oh, and its not addictive in the same league as mmo's so don't worry about losing your social life either
  11. Can I just put in a quick vote for Diablo 2 - yes, its old. yes, it can be a little repetitive... but for just getting into gaming, it's great - so simple, you can enjoy it; so cheap, you won't feel bad if you dislike it; and so prevalent, all of your friends should have a copy so you can LAN it up...

    Other than that BF2 or 2142. Hey, I like it...
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