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I am currently looking for a fun game to play for a while(till Starcraft 2 comes out, sicne i think i like what i saw in the vidoe demos)I was planing on geting one of these: each got its buts/and doubts, I mainly enjoy RTS's, but play some other games as well if they are good, but right now Im looking for a RTS that is fun, and the online is working(since all ea games cant really compete in online play, im not even considering any of their games)

I playd Medieval 2 for almost a year now, but got bored of it a bit(even the expansion), since i prefare faster games, somethign that i can launch fast, play, and leave, and Im a bit pressed for $$ so I would probably go for only 1 game right now, that would last me for couple months(the least), the main issue with many games nowedays is that i tend to get really bored with them rather fast :(, and udually on average do not play them longer than 2 weeks or so :(, and then switch to something else, and usually never return back to them.:(

-Supreme commander-playd it at friends place, but got bored after couple games(about 9 or 10), seems to "sterile",and the enviroments werent anythign interesting, althou the water was one of the best i saw in it, although it was ok overall

-Starcraft (yes I never playd it), i playd the demo, but it isnt anythign special, even if I dont complain about the dated vizuals, playd the demo, I doubt i would be able to play it for a long time, maby a week if not less

-Warhammer 40K (platinum pack)- relatively ok, but I hate the fact one has to go out and get points in order to build up resources, also the demo had issues with my widescrean

- World in conflict - I was in the closed, and open beta of it, and i playd the demo, and somehow i liked it, but doubt i would play it for longer than couple days

-Company of heroes- i got a coppy to play for about 2 weeks(then my friend wawnted it back ), was ok, i enjoyed the campaign(very engaging), very nice gameplay, and vizuals, and sounds, but again didnt like the fact one has to go out and atack/get to the resource points, but overall it was plesant, but somehow i felt that that 2 weeks was enough, but i guesss thats because i didnt have acces to multiplayer

-Company of heroes:Opposing Fronts, actually considering this title the most, since i enjoyed coh, and I heard that the British are one of the most defensive/turtle/least needing to go out and "explore" factions, so if anything i would get this just for playing with them, if its fun....still waiting for the demo though ;)

P.S I have a wide screan monitor(had to replace my old one which burned out on me lately :( ), so im looking for games that support it well
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  1. I would strongly suggest you Command & Conquer tiberium wars. I just love the game. Good graphics and really amazing and easy gameplay. If you were fan of old comman & conquer games you will love this one.
  2. If you didn't like SC1 what makes you think you'll like SC2?

    Try Warcraft 3... it's a lot of fun.

    Also I'll second that about C&C 3... it's a lot of fun as well.

    Other than that... maybe look into Rome Total War or the other Total War games... maybe Stronghold 2 or Stronghold Legends would interest you...
  3. Or perhaps the settlers games for a slightly different take on the RTS element.
  4. I thought of Settlers, but hadn't played it myself so didn't say anything. It does look like it could be a lot of fun though.
  5. It is quite a fun game. Kind of an aquired taste though. Try the demo of the new one thats kicked around the net. That'll tell you if it's your soft of thing or not.
  6. Have you ever thought that there might not be a fun RTS out there at the moment, you might have to wait for the new Starcraft. If I where you, I would go out and get a big online game like Battle Field 2 which is fairly cheap or try a few new demo’s or even the Crysis beta to see if you can get in to them. Once you can you will be hooked for a fair few months just getting better and better at the game till you see your name at the top of the leader board game after game.

    Sounds to me you are getting what I got after Warcraft 3, a complete loss of interest in RTS games. Despite what a lot of people say, they are all the same and if you play them for years you will get bored with all of them not just a few of them. Oh and Total War like you is the only one that’s captivated my interest in the last 5 years. I purchased Company of heroes but after paying £30 I have only played it for 2 hours… that was 9 months ago.
  7. Have you tried Ground Control II? It is Massive Entertainment's previous strategy game before World of Conflict. I noticed you didn't mention Ground Control II in the list of games you've played and it is a really great game (my favourite strategy game of this century so far :D). It was released in 2004-2005, so it still has great graphics even by today's standards. There is a nice demo version of it somewhere on the Internet in case you want to try it out.
  8. That’s a good point, I completed Ground Control 2. It's a good game and differs a lot from your bog standard build a base RTS games. Didn’t last very long though only taking a week to complete and as I said I did not remember it as the games not all the memorable.
  9. I Second Ground Control 2. Couldnt put it down and enjoyed both sides of the campaign thoroughly!! Great graphics and immensely strategy based.
  10. hmm... if your tight on $ you can try (and yes it might be illegal, but I don'[t think the company cares anymore) downloading emulator games for the snes, its surprisingly fun (myself I actually owned the games already)
  11. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. You'll never play a totally linear FPS again.
  12. Thank You all for the imput, I dint get the email notiffication till lots of posts were added;), I played quite many games(either beta's or demos, or got some from my friends for tryout), the list would be long, in regards to cc3, i play the demo, and to be honest its ok i guess, but i just hate ea, after what they did with bfme2, and bf2142(btw i play bf2, its ok, but i need some thing new;)), so thats why I thought to myselfe..."never get any ea developed game", i playd teh settlers beta, didnt like it much. regarding FPS's im not into blody goty ones much , I playd them before long ago, but switched to RTS's ...sicne I did have problems with getting quizy:((btw been playing the tf2 beta...its ok...for a bit;)), so mainly i lpay rts games nowedays, and i like any game that makes me think(like myst 4 did;))

    The sad thing i guess nowedays i care abotu vizuals and game play more, in the past it was only gameplay( i guess t his happened when i got my new 2900xt;)), since in the past i had an oldie pc, till mu upgrade;)
  13. I find that I desire more graphics if I can display more as well, but SupCom is undeniably EPIC in scale
  14. Two points. Nintendo cares about SNES emulation, because they want to sell classic games for the wii.

    I'm examining COH opposing fronts. We're running into 'issues'. more details to come on this.

    Starcraft and Broodwar can be had for less than $20. Since money is an issue for you...
  15. ^ thx for the info, but is the starcraft battle chest worth getting, I mean the vizuals are really dated, is the gameplay fun sompared to the other games?
  16. Gameplay wise, probably only AoE2 comes close for multiplayer RTS. And that looks dated too.
  17. Also not mentioned is LOTR's Battle for middle earth 2. I like this game and have spent loads of time playing it. I usually alternate between a few other RTS's but this game always stays.
  18. Wait you say you hate bfme2. I hate them for the first but I think they were able to salvage the game in the second. Mind you I am a big LOTR fan so I may not be seeing past that novelty.
  19. Hi, as to AoE2 i loved it back in the day(got the xpack and all), but after a while I just got bored of the rather reprtitive gameplay(atleast for me)....and stopped playing it, as to bfme2, I dontknow, it looks really quite nice cant argue with that, gameplay wise i liked the mechanics of the first one more, since in bfme2 it seems to me that units die way to fast, and I loved to have some units lvl up really high, and heal them up and get couple squads of them in bfme1, they were completely devastating after ading 1 or 2 heroes...instant win ;), also i liked the combination of different types of units (batalions) in bfme1, not really bfme2, since it seems that all units are just made to die soon after one gets them :(, and Im more of a "stick to one batalion, max upgrade lvl them, and send them at Your enemy" ind of a guy ;), since even in 2v2 matches i could get 2 or 3 maxed out batallions and 1 or 2 heroes maxed out to win the entire match for me(with heal and all), and then i knew that i can just sit back and enjoy the view ;)
    in bfme2, it seems to me a ea just wanted to ride on the fame of bfme1 :(, and it was the most dissapointing game of all that i bought, especially since i bought it for multiplayer mainly, and the online of bfme2 isnt the best, lots of people have high pings, and lagg the game enourmously, not to mentione timeouts, and random crashes :(...even on such an older) game ;)

    ......arent there any more games that are good? so far i did a bit of research , and really i guess starcraft 2 is the only so far worth waiting for(i hope), and I see no really WOW'ing RTS's that would be comming this year(I might be wrong thou)....any ideas? on those or any already released games?
  20. If you are looking for something slightly out of the ordinary, check out some older RTS' such as Black and White (1 & 2) or maybe Sacrifice. Although personally, since you have an HD2900XT, I would have figured you would have been enjoying the Black Box which came free with it, but to each their own I guess.
  21. To enjoy B&W you have to enjoy micro-management though.
  22. Eh, B&W2 made a huge move away from the micro-managment issues that B&W had. I would strong suggest B&W2 as an option though.

    I'm not sure if graphics are the final deciding factor in your decision but have you considered Total Annihilation? Granted the graphics are dated but the game helped put RTS on the map and I still enjoy playing it now and then... albeit 10 years after its release.
  23. I'm glad I browsed this thread. I have an unopened box of Ground Control 2 lying around somewhere.
  24. The main thing in bfme2 to win is to have your unit upgrades. You can have an army last quite a while with upgraded high level units with backing hero's. The only thing that really sucked with the game for me was that actual base building cost too much and was useless. If they made it cheaper and have all fractions be able to build something than I think that would have polished off the game.
  25. I have playd threw almost the entire B&W campaign, it was fun, i playd the B& W 2 demo, and was planning on getting it ...about a year ago, but somehow decided not to since the gameplay itselfe reminded me to some extent of sims I guess(not a huge fan of it;)), and I used to play most (I think) of the "older" games back in the day, since I had a friend which usually bought most of the new releases as soon as they came out, and after couple days stopped playing them and moved on to the next titles (I guess he was a bit spoiled;)), so I got couple games from him usually, and on top of that I bought the titles that interested me, lol lately I even went back to AoE2, or age of mythology, and to be honest I was surprized(i gues its not good) how could i ever have playd these titles with such lauzy vizuals, but i guess back in the day i was excited how nice it all looked, lol probably the 850xt, and the new 2900xt which I just lately got made me interested in more vizual games, thatn the old "just fun to play" titles, lol so now im 2x more demanding ;), and to top it off it seems that I cant even usually play a game for a while without geting bored of it fast, even thou i usually dont play more than 3 hours or so weekly(an hour or so on weekend evenings, most of the time)

    I actually got paraworld not long ago, but somewhat i might be me ...I dont know, but the game s gordious and all, but it lacks that gameplay driving idea whats wrong with it, even thou I used to love paelontology/dinos when i was a kid, and the graphix are rather nice.

    In regards to the black box, yes i playd portal(quite fun, but short, and a bit too eazy for my taste, non the less it was a fun 3 hour gameplay :), TF2, it was nice, i still play it, but as I said im more of a RTS player, and ep2...i never was into hl2(btw actually a friend gifted me with the hl2, ep1 code:) from the orange box) I tried playing the hl2 demo once, but I usually ended up getting very very quizy afterwards...10 minutes or so of gameplay, and about 2 or 3 hours of a strong headacke, with nausia :(...not fun, thats why I never got back/tried it again, althou Im surprized that I could play portal, and TF2 without any issues. :)(knock on wood) ;)

    btw bruce555 in regards to bfme2 i usually tended to upgrade/lvl up the units(thats the key as You mentioned, and I agree), but I got that game for multiplay esencially, since I can beat the pc opponents eazily(2 or 3 hard ones, with a mix) and I enjoy playing other people, but the online is very very buggy, to the point that i havent playd it for almost a yeat i guess :(, its quite sad, sicne the game itselfe could have been so great9even thou im not a tolkien fan)
  26. I only remember two things from Black and White:

    One: For the most part, reviewers don't know what the hell they're talking about.

    Two: I tried so very hard to raise my tiger right, but he was evil, evil evil.

    Still, I was proud of him, when, while spending several hours trying to potty train him, I accidentally taught him to set his own poo on fire and throw it at buildings.
  27. ^ lol, sounds fun ;), I personally enjoyed the overall freedom in the game, it seemed that one cuold take his/or her time to do whatever one wanted, and it seemed to be a "fresh" idea when it was released, and i guess even if it would be released nowedays it would be still unique ;)

    anyways, I tried playing starcraft demo again but I still cant get myselfe to like the vizuals, even thou i tried changing the rezolution using some modding tool, but i guess it was the demo thats why i was unsuccesful :(

    and I guess ill pass on Warhammer40k, since I really didnt like the whole "race to a point" omn the map thing :(

    I actually began waiting for the uniwerse at war, but after i read soem previews, and beta testers comments on the game and the whole "live" thing,I think ill pas on that as well. :(

    so for now Im completely clueless to what to play ;)...I thought about maby geting the newest Hitman9even though its not an RTS ;)), but to be honest i hated the last one i playd, and only really enjoyd the 2nd one, since the 3rd(I think) was way too gory for teh sake of goriness ;)
  28. If you're going to play B&W, avoid B&W 1. The game eventually boils down to mind-numbing micro-managment, but to the point where you simply cannot win because your towns need some much work. B&W2 on the other hand was awesome. You can choose to play the game like Total War or you can play it like SimCity or you mix the two. B&W2 is definitely one of my top 5 games ever. Plus, since it seems that you really care about graphics, the game looks fantastic.
  29. ^ I playd the B&W 1 long time ago, it was ok i guess, but i got bored of it fairly fast, I did also play the B&W2 demo, and was about to buy it(that EA 3 game pack), but after finishing the demo i felth that i wouldnt play the game more, and that was about enough of it, so i just didnt get bw2

    lately I have been playing mostly T2, since its quite ok, but im looking for some strategies....since thats what I really enjoy ;), and after about ayear of playing M2:TW it got a bit boring, and I also got the expansion, but somehow I playd it about 5 or 6 times(even thou i like its optmimizations;)....runs much smoother;)...somwhow)
    I was thinking of getting maby supreme commander(the new one) but after playing the demo i just got that feeling that the game is just to sterile, and i dont know lol, i enjoyd it butthe fact that one has to spend that minimum 10 to 20 minutes really building up the resources , each time just seems to be a bit too repetitive for my taste, sicne i dont like those rushing game ;), and more those that actually making strategies/and tactics count more than massing up units as fast as possible. oh well guess ill be still looking, even thou i do not see any good RTS comming out this year :( ( but i might be worng)
  30. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    I hated it, had too many RTS elements. You had to walk up to every bot and see if he had something you were looking for. Of course usually you had no idea what you would need till you were someplace and needed it and didnt have it :/
    Im a pure FPS guy and it drove me mad. But since you like RTS fan it may be the perfect hybrid for you.
  31. LOL maybe I dont play RTS or RPG.
  32. lol @ Racer

    I know it's not an RTS but play System Shock 2,anyone who is anyone that played that game will agree that it is one of the most amazing games of it's time... graphics are a tad bit out of date but trust me the game play is WELL worth it.
  33. i think i playd system shock 2 a long time ago...during its release lol long ago, it was quite good

    ok lol now i narrowed down to 2 games really I think that aer worth thinking about getting either Supreme commander, or company of heroes:opposing there anyone here that has both by any chance, and would like to share some thougths on both?
    greately apprecieated.
  34. This is a wow style game but it's free to play and great graphics. I got addicted to it while waiting for stargate or startrek online come out. If ya try it out, use this link so I can get a referral.
  35. I don't think you can go wrong with CoH or starcraft. Especially since you mentioned you like quicker style RTS games.

    I think fighting for resource points/expansions is what defines a good RTS. If your just base camping and building up - what fun is that? and how much skill/strategy does it take?
  36. Check out league of legends
    I found this article that sums it up pretty nicely
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