Am I the only person looking forward to this game??

Just starting to feel like I'm the only person around who's looking forward to Hellgate: London...

Anyone else out there interested or whatever?
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  1. im not :P
  2. I am.

    I signed up for the beta, not got it yet though.

    Im a big fan of diablo 2 and im interested to see how they handle the magic-guns thing.
  3. Sorta, but there's been no hype machine ive seen to get me excited.
  4. Yer, I'm looking forward to it. But like Stemnin said, the hype machine for it has pretty much stopped. Not that that really bothers me as I already know about it and that it'll be sweet. Or so I hope. Don't like reading and watching too much preview stuff about games anyway as when you finally get down to playing them, it feels like you are already really familiar with the game and that there are no surprises left.
  5. After seeing the gameplay trailer, i dont know what to think.. im not a fan of top down games like baldur's gate, commandos and fallout (I know those are great, but it's just not my type), ill try to reserve judgement till I play a demo. And the 1st person shooting the turret looked pretty boring.

    You need to be a an "Elite" subscriber to play the full arenas and ladder.
    10$/month.. or a one time fee of ONLY 149.99$! (pre orders only lol?) Elite players get the updates (monsters/items etc). The freeloaders get squat lol.

    As someone on gametrailers said, the Hellgate and EA logo match well..

    ill wait for a demo.
  6. I was really excited about Hellgate when I saw the first screenshots 2-3 years ago, but my interest in that game gradually disappeared after newer and less impressive screenshots appeared.
  7. First saw it about a year and a half ago? But I am excited for this game hoping it is really good.
  8. Glad to hear some people are at least interested... I've been waiting ever since news first came out for the game and have been getting more and more excited as the date draws near. (Oct 31)
  9. Hellgate London has my attention, primarily because of Diablo.

    I'm not sure how well the half diablo 2, half mmo model is going to work.

    I'm not sure how well the fps portions are going to work.

    EA locking the release date for promotional purposes is not a good sign, but not a game breaker.

    It's been a year or so since Titan Quest, and at least a hardware generation before the next Diablo. I think we'll try it out here.
  10. You bring up good points, I have my own reservations about the fps/mmo aspects of the game... but I think it'll work out nicely. I'm more interested in melee characters though to be honest, or spell-casters. I really like the gameplay video fo the dual-wielding sword user... that looks awesome to me.

    I agree that locking the release date was not the best idea, but I think things will turn out ok, if these guys carry over any of the Blizzard mentality I'm sure there'll be a patch soon after release anyway (and probably regular ones after that... but who knows that's just my thoughts on it).
  11. I am very excited about the game. I just am excited about all the great games that are starting to come out on the PC again. The consoles have been stealing the show for 2 long now. lol


  12. I was really looking forward to it because I was a massssssive D1/D2 fan but I just don't know how it's going to turn out. It seems to me that they're trying to do too many things in one game: mainly an RPG with FPS elements, RTS quests, MMO style..I just don't think they're going to be able to succeed on all the levels that they are trying...although I do hope they will.

    And right now I'm really looking forward to Call of Duty 4~~
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