Best Xbox 360 Bundle EVER!!!!!!!

Get this screw up. Futureshop (to all you guys not from Canada it’s just like Best Buy), sold the best bundle imaginable for the 360. For $379.99 CAD my friend just got

Xbox 360 premium and all that comes with it + Forza
Extra Wireless Controler
Play and Charge Kit
Wireless Headset
Wireless Network Adapter
13 Months Xbox Live Gold
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Some new Poker Game
Halo 3.

Like I said, all this for $379.99 CAD. The consol by itself runs usually for $399.99 CAD. Futureshop must of really screwed up with their in store sign because WOW!! On the other side of the sign it had the Elite system that didn’t come with the Wireless network adapter but came with a HD Drive and a Legendary version of Halo 3 for $979.99.
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  1. 264.854 GBP for thoses in the UK to lazy to use XE :P was in virgin megastore today it was £299.99 for an Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 so sounds like a good deal to me.
  2. I added it up and everything is worth about $900.00.
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