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Hey guys, new to the forum here. I have a question relating to the PC game of Red Faction. Since Red Faction is online, I was wondering if you can have a group of players vs. bots? I remember in the PS2 version you could, can yuo in the PC version? If not, is there a mod out? Get back to me soon.


Sgt. Steagan
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  1. isnt is super buggy? ive never played it on PC (other than a demo or beta, on PII 400MHz - that's an old game!), and dont know anyone who does.

    There was so much hype for that game..
  2. Actually, it's more pretty choppy. Everyone looks so laggy and most clients do have 200+ ping in servers. Even when I lan with my brother it looks choppy. I'm assuming they didn't spend much time to perfect this game for multi player. That's why I want a mod so I can go against bots. Anyone else know of such?
  3. i played this game a lot for the ps2. snipers on the space level w/ all the platforms. 4 player split screen. played for hours each night.
  4. You can't play with bots on the PC version which sucks. Especially when you can do what me and my bro did on the PS2 version.

    We made 2 bots. The Jimmy and Rqbert. Trained them to the max lvl and the set them to very aggressive and we would play against them in any lvl but especially the space one since it was wide open and had the jumps.

    Then we would set their weapon preferences or just have one gun per map to see if me and my bro would win against them. Yea if we won it was b/c we found a tiny space and had a stick grenades everywhere. They could normaly hit us in the air with the rail gun from across any map. Against bots they would ravage them.

    If only they added that into the PC that would be a fun online multiplayer to have.
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