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Hello all!

I am a first time user for this forum, and I apologize if this question has been asked/answered already.

I had a AMD Athlon 1.2GHz CPU with my SocketA 45Sk462 200 FSB motherboard. The processor died after about a year and I sent it into AMD for a warranty replacement. AMD sent me back a Athlon XP 1.7 GHz 266 FSB since they didn't have any more 1.2s.

The problem is as follows:
The motherboard manual I have states that it does not support anything more than Athlon 1.2 GHz. So, I've been given a few options:
- Trade in the 1.7GHz XP with a 1.2GHz (i.e, sell the 1.7 and buy a 1.2 from some place else)
- Get a whole new motherboard that supports 1.7 (I have a micro ATX motherboard which I bought from Fry's and in that size, I'd have to go with new DDR memory additionally, etc. adding up to the cost)
- Upgrade the BIOS and try with the existing motherboard.

The last one seems to be the most economical, but I have no clue how to get the BIOS upgraded, since the manual does NOT state who/where the manufacturer is for the motherboard and how to get new BIOS and upgrade it. Can someone help me with this dilemna I have? I'd appreciate a quick response in this regard.

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  1. If your board has the kt133 chipset, I would replace it. Your xp1700 will only run at 1100. You can get a good kt333 board for around $80, or get a closeout kt266a for about $60-65. I use the msi kt266a pro 2, which I got from Fry's in a combo deal. If possible, order online for a better selection.
  2. Looks like I managed to find out a web link that has the information regarding the barebones system I have:

    May be this will help answer some of the questions. Looks like the chip set is a SiS 730. Does that make a difference o1die?

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