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Just wondering if you know any *NEW* latest gaming headsets. I currently own a Plantronic GAMECOM PRO 1 Gaming Headset, it was like just over $100 with tax (Canadian) it's a really good one, of course I would like a good headset for my other computer ^_^
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  1. Headsets are only ever headsets any around ear $20 will do. You want real sound? Get a good sound card and surround speakers
  2. EVGA 8800 GTX KO ACS3 edition
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
    X-FI Xtreme Gamer
    Corsair Dominator 2 gig ram
    EVGA Nforce 680I SLI Motherboard
    Thermaltake VA8003BWS Black ATX Tower Case
    Windows Vista x64

    I think i can dish out a few bucks for a good headset :P I don't mind paying some $$$ well not like $150 thats crazy, could almost get a PSP for that much. I've tried cheap headsets in the past, never worked out.

    Isn't there like any recharageable gaming headsets (with a mic lol) if not thats okay. if anyone else has a really good headset, plz post it :P
  3. I still have an uncomfortable $30 Logitech headset.

    I've been looking at these though...

    I like that the microphone is detached, so you can put it anywhere or clip it to your shirt. They have a good frequency range too, up to 28 KHz (most headphones only go up to 20 KHz).
    They also have a white version that comes with an external USB soundcard, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have an X-Fi, it'd be pointless.
  4. I've got a Speedlink Medusa. Comfortable (it's got some nice padding), surround sound, bendy mic arm (so you can put it out of the way to drink beer)... a good buy for £35.
  5. If you wear glasses then almost any headset is uncomfortable, the razer headsets are supposed to be quite good but I've never owned a decent comfy set due to glasses crushing on side of head.
  6. I've been waiting and watching for a good true surround sound headset to come out. I have a great sound card and surround speakers, but half the time my wife is watching TV and I use headphones.

    I haven't seen one worth buying yet.
  7. Will someone please make a good quality wireless headset?
  8. I really like the SteelSeries 5H v2 USB headset (the USB part of it is just a small USB sound card ((that works well)) in which you can remove). The mic on it has good quality (very good) and it's around-the-ear cups, which is what I prefer, but it may just be preference.

    Also, for some reason they don't have these on Newegg anymore if you search for them, which is where I got them, not sure why but... yeah.

    ((another)) Also, this headset is great for surround sound too. I use them coupled with an HT OMEGA Striker 7.1 sound card and in-game sounds and music sound great.
  9. My headset is the Sennheiser HD497, $40.00
    My speaker set up is Creative I-Trigue 2200, $40.00
    They serve all my FPS needs.
    Game on ,
  10. I personally do not believe that headsets are any good currently. A few of them are decent, but good...bah! I was facing the same dillema as you at one point. I started doing some research and talking to true audiophiles. What I found out was amazing!

    Really it boils down to this. To get the best sound, you need good headphones. Headsets are a convenience, but not all that good. You can purchase a really good set of headphones and then by a clip on mic (such as the Zalman clip on mic).

    After making the decision to go with headphones over headsets, I focused my research there. I narrowed it down to four (4) pairs of headphones (and this was last February mind you):

    Seinheisser HD580
    Seinheisser HD595
    Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro/80
    Audio Technica ATH-A900

    After much discussion with the crazy audiophiles over at I narrowed it down even more and decided that the ATH-A900 and the DT770 Pro/80 were the best two for a mix of gaming and entertainment. The Sennheiser's are awesome in their own right, but I decided against them after about 2 weeks worth of research and discussion.

    All of this was being done with 3 of my clanmates as well (we play FPS' mainly). Two of us went and bought the DT770 Pro/80's and the other two bought the ATH-A900's. All 4 of us are thrilled! I mean seriously...until you have a true set of don't really know what sound is! I bought the simple $6.00 clip on Zalman mic which works flawlessly and now my setup is complete...for the most part (see below).

    Now, keep in mind, this is said assuming that you already have an X-Fi soundcard or equivalent from another brand. One of the things that I am considering adding to my setup is a headphone amp, the G7. That will make the sound even more dynamic. Is it needed or necessary? No, but I'm looking to take my headphones to the next level.

    I have used many headsets personally and have tried many more that friends have owned, but none can even compare to the sound quality of a true pair of headphones such as the ones referenced above. Granted, the cost goes up. My DT-770's go from $240+ at retail, but I went on e-bay and made an offer on a pair from a music retailer and was able to get them for $140.00 "brand new." Add on the $6.00 mic and it all came out to about $160.00 with shipping and tax.

    Maybe this isn't for you, but it's just another alternative to consider if you want that TRUE sound that you appear to be looking for as I was once. I strongly recommend you talk to some cats over at though. These guys know sound and many are gamers as well so they are unbelieveable resources in this area.
  11. P.S. Two of my clanmates had the GameCom Pro's previously. They loved them when they had them, but now that they have their new headphones...they state that the GameCom Pro's can't even compare and that they can't believe how much sound they were missing while using them.

    If you were willing to spend $100+ on those...think if you had just spent another $40-$60? You could've got yourself some headphones that dwarfs the sound that the GameCom Pro puts out.
  12. I bought a pair of Altec Lansing with the bendable boom. About $80 or $100 but I had a $50 gift card when I bought.

    They're good.. I can hear footsteps better in FPS when someone is close, whereas my 5.1 surround I couldn't make out footsteps.
  13. Good to know. I was looking for a boom mic without the headset but now I'll stick to my poorly designed Plantronics which squeeze the front of my ears and temples.
  14. I have used quite a few different gaming headsets but, the best resource I found to get an impartial view on them can be found at, they are constantly adding new headset reviews.
  15. Ive had the speedlink medusas and they are very good value but.......
    These are the best pair of headphones ive ever had -
  16. OPR8R said:
    Will someone please make a good quality wireless headset?

    logitech already do. the g930 is second to none. it has as good a sound as any 70-100 pound headset and is wireless to boot. even giving the stennheiser 595's set a run for there money
    it doesn't use compression so the sound is rich and meaty when it needs to be. it has good middle and reasonable bass.
    but at an average of 150 pounds its out of most peoples budget range.
    i only got mine because i Kept breaking the wires on my other headsets. 4 in 1 year and all cost 30-60 pounds each.

    in truth i was very surprised at the sound quality, and it turns out i think they were worth every penny.
  17. What is your goal? Immersion, good positional audio, or both? Head fi forums are the best place to ask for sound related questions.
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