cheap p35 system for sale!!!!!!!!!!

p35 msi mobo-45
8800gt oc msi with 3 pipe cooler average temp 35 c on load-130
2 gb win ddr2 800 ram dual channel -35
e2180 with stock heatsink-60
2x 250 gb western digital 16 mb cache-80
ultra aluminus case with 420 p/s - 50

whole system 400 shipped!!!

if whole system is bought a free copy of windows vista ultimite 32bit will be installed and disc included with purchase.will also include games such as medievaltotalwar 2, sins of the solar empire,rome total war

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  1. What a mess! I don't know which is more unsitely, the wiring or the toe. ;P
  2. you can ship it to israel ?
  3. if ups does and u pay i will be happy to. cause im sorry but isreal makes it not worth it if i pay sorry.
  4. how much it cost ?
  5. probly in the 80- 100 dollar range
  6. Can you give the model of the mobo, or a link?
  7. msi f p35
  8. Nice wires u have there :pt1cable:
  9. jerb, lol. Wires were the bane of my new system. and so i bought a corsair hx1000 for $230.... sadly i saw an antec 850w modular for around $140-150
  10. bump
  11. You have a pm.
  12. interested! can i know what brand PSU and Ram you have?

    Also is the E2180 overclocked yet?
  13. Still awaiting reply.
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