Really. They do. I was having problems with mplayer and dvds today as I'm finalizing my gentoo setup. It was taking for-damn-ever to get the program to cache anything, and even then it'd lock right after. So I did a search on dvd and mplayer on their forums and found a problem with mplayer not liking supermount. Unmounted the dvd, mounted it manually, fired up mplayer and bingo, instant video. I didn't have audio though. Argh. So I played around with the settings some and got some 2 channel audio using the oss emulation through alsa. Didn't like that much, so I did another search on the forums. Found out that by adding an -ac hwac3 option to the command line that I'd get full on ac3 passthrough on my soundstorm out to my HT receiver. Tried it and bingo! Tried switching to DTS and that worked perfectly too :)

Normally this isn't anything special, but I just find it kind of neat that I get all of my problems fixed from their forums without actually having to post anything. It's like a great resource of problems with answers right after :smile:

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  1. Ha, I could have sworn I posted this in the linux section... Oh well.

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  2. get away from me forum secion, TIS MINE DAMN IT...MINE!!!

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  3. No, coolsquirtle already claimed it.

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  4. Relax, there is enough forum here for all of us...

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