Parting out my gaming rig...


Hey guys, as much as i dont want to do this... i'm selling THESE ITEMS... thanks P.S. if i dont respond by pm then please do email me at


its an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe processor Socket LGA775.. used for almost one year. I'm asking just $100 shipped! processor was watercooled and never rose above 27c :) took a pic of it still installed in the pc


4GB Crucial Ballistic PC8500 4X1GB has never been overclocked all of them work great... also used for almost 1 year asking $100 shipped O.B.O. here's a link to tiger direct .. where new they are $99 plus shipping..for a pair .. i'm selling 2 pairs for the same price

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  1. update... both graphics cards $400 Shipped OBO

    cpu... $140 Shipped obo!

    Memory... $150 shipped obo!
  2. Have you priced these items lately? I can buy 2 8800GT (512), or even 2 9800GTX for less than $400.

    Firm? Seriously? Move into the light because you're in the dark.
  3. hmm u got a point.. although those r different specs ones.. these still do sell pretty high
  4. PART # 640-P2-N821-AR

    UPDATE IN PRICE $$380 SHIPPED for both 8800GTS video cards
  5. I can get the memory brand new shipped from the egg for 140.00! You are prolly gonna have to come down a bit on those prices if you wish to sell that stuff here.
    I don't mean to sound rude if I came across that way.
  6. hey by all means if you wanna purchase sumthing offebay . go ahead... take the risk.. i'm reaching out to a crowd that im not gonna scam.. the video cards very much new... if u want just obne go ahead n get that one off ebay... but im selling 2 together from the same batch that will SLI great together
  7. the memory is actually $150 on newegg .. so memory new price $120 shipped firm
  8. All I can say to this entire thread is LMAO!
  9. computer stuff just depreciates so fast. especially ram
  10. yea i agree with you... this ram tho is $99 a pair on tigerdirect and $75 a pair on newegg .. i think $120 for 2 pairs is a good price
  11. You keep saying that you agree and yet you continue with outrageously high prices for used stuff. With computers you can never recoup your money, so suck it up and take a beating like the rest of us do. Cut your prices in half and then this stuff might sell. Otherwise you can use it as bookends or something.

    Your video cards won't sell at that price because they are the old G80 architecture. Today's video card consumers want the newer G92 models. If you want to sell the old stuff, it has to be dirt cheap. Just my 2cents, take it for what its worth. Tigerdirect has the PNY 9800GTX for $149.99, so you have to price your old stuff accordingly.
    this is the first time in this forum that I see these high prices on used equipment from a member the GPU are even more expensive than a brand new pair of SSC version of the same card before rebate.
  13. ibleet said:
    All I can say to this entire thread is LMAO!

    Yes Sir I agree with you, this thread is LMFAO!!!! LMFAO!!!!
  14. ... i would say that ur asking to much but i think it is apparent by now...
  15. Is this alienware prices? lmao
  16. I feel bad for this guy, seems like a first time builder who now wants to sell, prolly doesnt reaize how much this stuff depreciates. For example, just months ago I bought my 9800Gx2 for 600+ dollars, now that I'm selling it I won't expect to get more than 250-300. BTW, anyone want to make me an offer for it ?? PM me.
  17. What's the CPU's VID? You can check it with Core Temp.
  18. This guy has enough problems without you hijacking his thread. Start your own!
  19. I did, and nobody is replying, go figure.
  20. e6600 now $100 ...

    memory is $100 for 4 gb O.B.O.

    i'm not selling the video cards anymore
  21. Ill give you 50 for the ram.
  22. sry bud at newegg they are $65.99 for 2 1gb sticks.. i believe $70 shipped is more than enough of a deal
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