bioshock question

ive installed both of these graphic cards the crappy geforce xfx 8600gt
both pcie i also installed the asus atix1950pro256mb on both these cards
bioshock gets stutter you see the harddrive blink when it happens
but the weired thing is it dosint happen with the sapphire
atix1950progt256mb pcie both ati cards with latest drivers 7.9
and used latest drivers for the xfx can anyone explain this
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  1. Stuttering when accessing HDD makes me question how much system memory do you have? I don't have any stuttering with 2GB ram. Min is 1GB, recommended is 2GB. But the fact you only notice it with the 8600GT not the X1950 pro, kinda throws that thought out. You could also defrag your hard drive and see if it helps reduce the stutter time.
  2. no it stutters with the x1950pro//////i have 1 and a half gigs of ram
    card im useing playing bioshock with no stutter is the sapphire atix1950gt
    not pro gt
  3. 1 and a half? I take it its not running in dual channel then?
  4. im sure its running in duel but 64bit way
  5. theres 3 sticks of 512mb ram in it
  6. my rig amd opteron 2.2ghzsinglecore...upgradible 2 dual cpus
    2 sticks of corsair 512mbram/ 1 512mb stick of adataram/1andahalfgigintotal/running in 64bit duel mode
    550wpsu/3maxtorhardrivers530gig intotal/running on a gigabyte nforce 4 ultra mobo/cards with bioshock that stutter are the asusatix1950pro
    and the xfx 8600gt/had both these cards in machine with latest drivers
    both are 256mb//card currently useing with no stutter is the sapphire
    atix1950gt 256mbpcie no stutter with bioshock with this card which i find is weried
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