seeking opinions on viewsonic 22 inch monitor

I'm building a new gamer. I also am now shopping a new 22 inch monitor. I'm looking at the samsung 226bw and the viewsonic 22 inch monitors. Any thoughts or opinion on these monitors would be appreciated.
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  1. You will be playing a "panel lottery" with the Samsung 226BW. There are 3 or 4 different panels being used to make this monitor. The best is the "S" panel made by Samsung. Next comes the "A" panel made by AUO which according to some reviews can be almost as good as the "S" panel after careful tweaking.

    Now comes the bottom of the barrow, the "C" panel which is made by CMO is considered "horrible" by some people. Supposedly there is another "C" panel recently introduced that made by CPT.

    At first it was very easy to distinguish which panel was being used 'cause the sticker on the back of the monitor will have "S", "A", or "C". Now they removed all type of identification. The only way now to identify which panel is being used it to take your Samsung 226BW apart. That would void your warranty.

    I don't really know the 22" LCD market since I've been researching larger LCD monitors, but I would probably choose the Viewsonic if someone pointed a gun to my head.
  2. Thank you. I have been reading about the "panel lottery", and must admit, it's steering towards the Viewsonic.
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  3. Consider this!!!

    8 bit 24" panel for $300.00 6ms and bright with no leakage

    OfficeMax has SOYO LCD's not rebate price. Buy the 2 year extended warranty for $50.00. I bought 2!!! 8 bit color is the only way to game. Most fast panels are 6 bit-be careful in what ever you buy. but check out the SOYO. I was pleasantly surprised. I have an ATI 1900XTX w/E6400 OC'ed to 3.0Ghz-2G ram. 1920*1200 needs a bit more than 1680*1050 but my-oh-my what a picture.
  4. Well im using a Viewsonic 22in 2235vm and they were about 350 buck's about 3 month's ago and the truth is they are grate on the newer games if you have the best video card out there but if you are going to play the older game's get a good 19in model a 3/4 instead of a 16/10 and it will play anything you want. It will also play better on reduced frames like 10 by7 you can get much better fps on those resolution's. And still play the newer game's on the reduced resolution's. So if you buy the 19 you win on both end's Badarthur
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