Periodic FPS drop while gaming, what can it be?

Hi, recently i put together a new computer for myself, and althought it should be able to handle games like World of warcraft and Warcraft III, but it doesn't.

I keep getting periodic FPS drops, switching between 80-120 and 5-20 FPS every minute or so. I have tried monitoring my GPU and CPU and haven't found any abnormalities. And this happens whichever game i am playing which is really starting to annoy me.


motherboard: ASus A8V-VM SE
CPU: Amt Opteron Dual core 165 1.8GHz 2MB s939
memory(DDR): 1x1gb , 1x512MB
PSU: a 570W of some brand..

My first suspicion was that it was the GPU. but then i returned it and got a new one:
ASUS EN8600GT, PCI-E, 256 MB,

and the problem remained. All of my friends who knows about these stuff couldn't tell me where the problem was so i could fix it, so no I am turning to this forum to find out.

I appreciate all help i can get.
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  1. have you tried a clean install of windows? (no idea if it would help, but you never know), its very unlikely to be a PSU issue, since the 8500 uses screw all power, processer looks fine, memory looks ok for games like WoW... I can't see where the issue is, sorry
  2. I recently formatted the harddrives, and installed windows so i dont think that's the problem.
    It can't be that i have a 64 bit CPU on a 32 bit system?
  3. no the 64 bit cpu on 32 bit system isn't the prob, they are 64 bit ready. Is it lagging on warcraft 3? if so something is really really wrong becuase almost anything runs wc3.
  4. Try disabling the Cool and Quiet feature in the BIOS to see if that makes a difference. That or you may want to take a closer look at your PSU. Just some thoughts...
  5. Did you try using the sticks of memory individually?
  6. Also if you have any AV or antispyware programs running try disabling them. I used to have a program running where it took a "snapshot" of my comp every minute to detect viruses, this froze my windows for about a second.
  7. i went to disable Cool and Quiet feature and found it disabled.

    And yes i tried to use the mem sticks individually. still the same.

    and yes it does the same thing on WC3, lags in periods.

    i read somewhere on the net something about IRQ crashes, and i checked the IRQ list and the gpu isn't sharing it with anything that's not graphic related...
  8. i downloaded 3d mark 06 and tested the system, these are the results:

    1 - Return to Proxycon 14.446 FPS

    2 - Firefly Forest 10.767 FPS

    CPU Tests
    CPU1 - Red Valley 0.2 FPS

    CPU2 - Red Valley 0.305 FPS

    HDR Tests
    1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 11.428 FPS

    2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 13.068 FPS

    total score: 2893

    does this mean that somethingis reallywrong withmy cpu?
  9. What are your temps for your CPU (load)? I'd often have an FPS drop on my old P4 because it would start throttling and there would be a second or two of just straight freeze time, no matter what game. Took the case side off and never had that problem again.
  10. cpu temperature stays around 40 degrees celsius, and gpu at 55 degrees while gaming
  11. I'm having a very similar problem with BF2 recently.
  12. Have u dealt with it yet?

    because so far i've tested my GPU/CPU/RAM and it seems that none of them are defect.. can it be the motherboard or psu?
  13. Periodic slowdowns are often due to the system swapping information to and from Memory/HDD.

    Issue: "memory(DDR): 1x1gb , 1x512MB"

    Potential Solution: Try a matched pair of DIMMS
  14. i've tried using only the 1gb or 2x512, i still get the same problem
  15. try cooling down your comp. ive had the same problem with my laptop and i noticed that every time it did that my laptop was really hot. I used a pack of ice to keep it cool and the problem went away.
  16. was this ever solved? or am i waisting my time? as i am having the same problem as sapii.
  17. Your framerate is going to vary a lot in world of warcraft. For example, while questing by yourself, your framerate is going to be very high, but when you walk into a heavily crowded area such as a city, or if you are in a raid instance with lots of environmental effects and 24 other players, your framerate is going to suffer.

    However, in WC3, you shouldn't really be having this much discrepancy in your framerate. Try taking a look at your cooling settings and adjust/upgrade your cooling solution.
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