SERIOUS Vista and Oblvion issues!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

I am having difficulty running Oblivion on Vista Ultimate. When I pop the Oblivion DVD in this is what happens: Autoplay opens up, I choose either 'run/install Oblivion' and or 'explore disk' an error message pops up that says 'D:\ is not a valid Win32 application.' AGHHH!!!

Ive looked and looked for info on it, and CANT FIND ANYTHING!! Ive already tried compatibilty mode, ALL of my drivers are up to date, and all my other games (on CD and DVD) and DVD movies work perfect.


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  1. Strange - I have Oblivion installed on Vista 64, and it works perfectly well.

    Is the Oblivion disc new? Have you tried it on another computer?

    The other thing you might do is turn the security settings down and see does that help.
  2. No the disc is not new, I got Oblivion a couple of weeks after it launched, so its pretty old, and yes, it worked fine on my old PC (AMD X2 4200+, A SINGLE 8800 GTS 320MB, 2GB of DDR PC3200, 160GB HD, Windows XP,ect ect.) I just rebuilt my PC as the current setup is my signature.

    And my security settings are in a "quiet mode";thanks to an awesome & free program entitled 'TweakUAC'

    I dunno what to do!! I just want to see how Oblivion runs and plays with my SLI and my new PC for that matter, HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
  3. I think my signature is too long, so heres my specs:

    Current Specs:
    EVGA 590 SLI Mobo (AM2)
    AMD 64 X2 6000+ (3ghz)
    2x SLI PNY 8800 GTS 320MBs
    2GB of OCZ Platinum DDR2 800
    300GB Maxtor HD
    NEC 1300A DVD-RW
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    *All this decadence of beautific technology. *
  4. I think the last time i had an error like that, I think it was for Warcraft III (not sure), I needed to update my dvd player firmware. But i'm not that sure if it was that error, it's been a long time. It's probably something else as your system seems pretty new.
  5. is it possible to run in compatability mode for installations? (never tried myself)
  6. Yea i tried that, and you have to jump through sooo many loops to even do it because, I cant even open the disk to view the files without changing a bunch of crazy settings, its really strange, anybody have any suggestions? (i dunno if i said this before but I have the newest firmware for my drive, so it SHOULD be ok, it sound like something in Vista is causing it though =( )

    Please help! I'm all out of ideas =(
  7. Hey hobo,
    The only thing you've given us that is out of the norm the Tweak program you're running. Try turning it off and see if that gorgeous game will install for you. GL
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