P4 Mb that supports older 2x AGP voltages? ATI AIW

I own an ATI All in Wonder AGP 128 which works and works well with the standard software. I am looking to upgrade to a P4 motherboard that supports the older AGP voltage. That lets GigaByte such as the GA-8IEXP out because it clearly warns it can destroy older AGP boards because the AGP voltage is different.

For those of you suggesting I simply purchase a new ATI All in Wonder card, I did but the Radeon AIW 7500 does NOT work in DVD and TV tuner modes no matter what driver combinations I try ... both WIN98 and XP (Home and Pro). My experience comments with that AIW 7500 card would get me banned from the net.

Therefore, I'm ready to keep what works but still upgrade the MB if I can.

The card is currently in an Abit BE6-II 700 P3.

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  1. Have you considered simply upgrading your processor?

    First test, bump the voltage in BIOS up to 1.85v and the bus speed to 133MHz. Turn off "CPU Speed Hold Error", and set PCI to 1/4 and AGP to 2/3 (1/2 isn't available). If you don't experience any problems with your video card at this bus speed, I recommend simply replacing the processor.

    You can get a Celeron Tualatin 1000 for around $50. I'll sell you a Powerleap iP3/T adapter for $60. Better yet, I'll sell it to you for $6 if you send me your old CPU (the $6 is for shipping). You can overclock the Tualatin 1000 to 1333MHz and make a decent performer out of it.

    Or you could get a P4 1.4GHz "server" processor with 512K, these things are KILLER. And I'd still make you the same deal on the Tualatin adapter.

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