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fantasy-based Action RPG game

Haarlem, The Netherlands – October 11, 2007 – In anticipation of the upcoming release of their unique Action RPG game, AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage, leading Publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer ClockStone Software, today revealed the official demo. Releasing later this month on PC DVD-ROM, AVENCAST combines role-playing with a fluid combat system found in beat-em-up games, which is unique to the RPG genre. AVENCAST is Windows® Vista™ compatible and has now gone gold.
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  1. Kinda looks like diablo. Gonna give this one a try.

    Also head over to yahoo.com for COD 4 demo and fileplanet for the PC version of Timeshift. Be sure to upgrade your drivers at nvidia.
    Well tryed it its ok but i dont like the fighting style about 30-40 mins long
    graphics ok nice spell affects 7/10 .diablo much better and faster

    The yahoo link doesnt work..o well STUPID YAHOO :(
    from ggmania...
    "Well, this is probably even worse than making it a Fileplanet exclusive, good job Activision/Infinity Ward, good job :-( It looks like someone totally underestimated the public's demand for the demo..."
  3. Is this a well known game? I never heard about it before, what a bad time to release if it is, with big names like QUAKE, UNREAL TOURNAMENT, CALL OF DUTY, not to mention Crysis, Orange Box, etc.... it must be hard for a dev to release something nowadays. There isn't even a wikipedia article on it -_-.

    Watching a gameplay vid on youtube, looks good. when is it coming out?
  4. Release Date: October 26 Oct 2007

    Preview and sreen shots
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