Why isn't American Conquest More Popular?

I think it is really strange that the Stratigy Game American Conquest Isn't more popular..... I bought it at Compusa for $10. It is better than the $40 games I have got. It has very good lasting appeal and is a great Family Friendly game (for the most part, campared to most other popular pc games). On the multiplayer there is practicly no one ever there. Why didn't it catch on? :??:
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  1. no hype = no popularity
  2. I kind of wondered that too.

    I got American Conquest in a bargain bin as part of Wargamers sixpack; six full games for $4.99. It also had Cossacks, Sudden strike etc.

    I played it for a while and enjoyed it. It was better than I expected.
  3. heh i dont like the 1h shoot-out betwen muskeeters:>
  4. yes but it is a great game for the pice with better graphics than rome total war
  5. This thing was so far below the radar, that I had never heard of it until after it hit the bargain bin.

    The short answer, I suppose is that they weren't able to get visibility next to Age of Empires.

    The "gaming press" hated it.

    Multiplayer, I remember being broken, because of language issues, so no word of mouth through lan parties.

    To top it all off, some regions came with Starforce.

    Still, GSC the developer deserves credit for being willing to take risks.

    I find it somewhat ironic that the only video game depiction of the battle of the Alamo I know of is in a game made by Russian developers.

    They also managed to pull Stalker out of dev purgatory , and have it not suck.
  6. You have to think though, that if you buy it for $10 at the bargain bin (like i did) it is a great value. It compared to much for expensive games. I like the editor functiun and the fact that is you type in qwe and then press p then you have the ultamite master cheat at your fingertips.
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