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I have a friend who is selling his 360 for 200 dollars. He bought it a little less than a year ago and I was wondering if i bought it and then got the red rings of death, would it be covered with the 3 year warranty? Thanks in advance

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  1. Warranties are only for the original purchaser. If it dies, then you need your friend to request an RMA for it since the Xbox 360 is still registered under his name and he must send it in for repairs or replacement.

    This applies for any warranty for any product. The only exception are XFX video cards that carries "double warranties" which extends (only once) the remaining warranty period to the second hand buyer.
  2. thanks for the reply, i think he is going to call m$ and see if they can transfer the warranty
  3. Probably not, but since it's a friend, he should be willing to send it back on your behalf it it dies within warranty.
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